Giuseppe Peditto: Walter Knoll, an Epitomisation of Modernity


Giuseppe Peditto serves as the head of Sales Asia at Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the past sixteen years, Giuseppe and his team have endeavour at their best to establish a stronger presence and achieve sales growth of the Walter Knoll brand across Asia. He envisions Indonesia as a lucrative market to seize opportunities for further brand expansion.

Walter Knoll stands as the premier furniture brand in the upscale German market. What does it take for the brand to stay atop in the industry?
Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, Walter Knoll has evolved into a brand that epitomise modernity in the realm of furniture. The company continues to make its mark in the history of design through the creation of classic pieces and avant-garde icons.

Walter Knoll’s collaboration with respected architects and designers like Norman Foster, Pearson Lloyd, EOOS, Ben van Berkel, Kengo Kuma, and Claudio Bellini has led to the making of furniture pieces that adorn various types of spaces in buildings worldwide, ranging from corporate offices, social and public facilities, to prestigious headquarters. The portfolio includes projects such as the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, Stockholm restaurants, Tokyo conference rooms, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, banks in Dubai, and the Hearst Building in New York.

What defines design characteristics of Walter Knoll?

Walter Knoll’s furniture embodies three core characteristics: beauty, comfort and sustainability, ensuring clients to experience the unparalleled qualities of natural materials. The essence of the design lies in longevity, possessing inherent aesthetic and sustainable value. Our commitment to modernity promotes resource-efficient design, exemplifying sustainability through timeless creations that last for generations.

Could you detail why clients should experience the natural materials used in Walter Knoll’s products?
Sure. You have to feel the materials that touch you. When you touch our stones, you can feel nature. You don’t feel like touching shiny lacquer when you touch our wood surfaces. You feel the natural wood. Similarly, our leathers exude naturalness that represents the essence of their material.

Why should owning a piece of Walter Knoll be something of which you should be proud?
Owning a piece of Walter Knoll means creating living spaces that immediately resonate with a sense of home. We incorporate various natural colours and materials to create pieces that are inspired by nature’s palette. This allows for the curation of distinctive and harmonious environments.

Which countries represent your significant markets in Asia?

China is still the biggest market for Walter Knoll products in Asia. Hong Kong also boasts lucrative market with many corporate offices and headquarters having built a presence there. Japan also holds significant importance, whilst Singapore is emerging as a robust market.

How about the market outlook for Indonesia?

Speaking of Indonesia, I notice a promising outlook driven by the population’s discerning taste and familiarity with high-quality products. The country’s burgeoning real estate sector, including by the development of a new capital, presents an ideal market for Walter Knoll. Within this landscape, there are opportunities for us to cater to both commercial and residential projects.

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