Yori Antar: Improving the Quality of Life

By vira

Yori Antar is a household name in Indonesia architecture. He is the principal of Han Awal & Partners architecture and planning firm that his father, a legendary architect Han Awal, established in 1970. Yori has done a lot of conservation projects for Indonesian traditional villages since 2008 and is known to master the modern tropical style. The award-winning architect elaborates more about the design process of Kris and Linda’s house.

Please tell us about the design concept of the house.
The design is modern tropical style. As tropical beings, we are actually outdoor people. We’re supposed to spend more time outside than inside. That’s why all the windows are huge, sliding glass doors are everywhere, and both connect us to the outside. In the pandemic, we are used to being outdoors, and it is a good thing.

The house has to function the way the family needs it, no less. It has to help the occupants build a better quality of life. The couple gave inputs on what they wanted. It had made my work as an architect easier, and they also respected my proposed design.

Was there any non-negotiable request from the clients?
They are a very active couple. Each of them has their own activities and communities. Since the beginning I know that I would not design this house just for them but also for their friends. They enjoy having friends over, so I know that this house is going to be packed. Therefore, it has to be practical and suitable to entertain people.

Yori Antar

What about working with the interior designer?
I needed to synergise with the interior designer, Dodo. He and I have known each other’s strengths. He is excellent in traditional classic style. We have designed a number of modern houses with Javanese joglo in them. We often put together maximalist and minimalist elements. But for this house, that’s not what the clients wanted. We still adorned it with wood but much more simple than usual. For example, the wood ceiling in the kitchen.

How did you decide on what kind of wood to use?
Kris was involved in the decision making. There were some trials and errors and we had to change suppliers, but he was relaxed about it. I personally think that building a house should be done calmly, so you can enjoy the process. Of course, we need to supervise it, but we should take it easy.

What was the most challenging part of designing and constructing the house?

The challenge was that it’s located in a private area with strict rules. Construction work had to stop at 4 pm, no work to be done in the weekends, and the workers were not allowed to spend the night at the project. Although it was actually a challenge for the contractors and resulted in a total of four years to complete, I was curious to see the result.

The designing process was enjoyable and not difficult. The important thing was that I had put what the clients dreamed of, I translated it to design and gave it a character or a soul.

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