The Merciful Charm



Our female ancestors regarded the kebaya as their daily outfit, but in the ever changing fashion world, this beautiful traditional garment is now only worn on formal occasions. However, in the spirit of nationalism that has seen a revival during the last two decades, the kebaya has slowly re-established itself as a popular outfit for everyday affairs. Today, the kebaya is getting better known internationally and becoming a source of pride for our country, Indonesia. Anne Avantie is one of the great names behind the reintroduction of the kebaya in our daily lives.

STORY BY Barbara Hahijary PHOTO BY Anne Avantie Doc.

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Mandy Widjojo
Mandy holds a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Southern California, majoring in communication and minoring in design. She's always had a heart for traveling, photography, interior design, and music. Based in Jakarta, she has recently moved on from her previous role as a brand manager at PTT Family to explore the world of design publication.

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