A Pleasant Coincidence with Domisilium Studio

By vira

Domisilium Studio is known for its exemplary designs in custom residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. The duo of Santi Alaysius and Hamphrey Tedja was appointed to design the interiors of several showrooms in IDD. Santi shared some of the backstory of their involvement with the establishment.

STORY BY Vira Tanka | PHOTOS BY Melanie Tanusetiawan

Which showrooms in IDD did you do the interior design aside from your own store, Fredhligh?
We designed the interiors for Bika Living, Stella Mobili, Eurotheum, Propan and Sandimas, and Rifyo.

Did Domisilium have any involvement in IDD aside from designing the interiors of several showrooms?
Basically, we’re only designing the showrooms. However, Pak Ipeng, the CEO of Indonesia Design District, also sought my opinions about IDD’s design in general. But we only had friendly discussions, nothing really serious.

How did Domisilium get involved in these projects in IDD?

All the respected clients approached us individually. At the same time, Pak Ipeng was discussing about IDD with me. So, it was just an interesting coincidence, really. As for Fredheligh, he knew that I have this little store in another place. That was when I was searching for a new location to move the store and he knew about my plan, too. The, he offered me a spot for the store in IDD!

Any suggestion for IDD in order to attract as many visitors as possible?
I think it would be great if they had shuttles to transport people from PIK2 to the PIK area or from the city centre. This really help people who use public transportation. No less important is the potential of promoting IDD, especially if they put advertisement it in the city centre.

Another idea is to host big design events, perhaps something like a Design Week modelled after Salone del Mobile because the venue is spacious to hold such events. It’s something that has not been done before here.

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