Art Deco Interior Design Guide


If you have watched The Great Gatsby and fell madly in love with it’s décor and geometric patterns, this 1920’s design style throwback might suit your fancy. The Art Deco style is back but with a contemporary twist; evident from much of 2021 design forecast.

Short for the French term Art Décoratifs, the style was popular during the 1920s through 1940s. It was a stark contrast to the more minimalist, nature inspired art nouveau that preceded it. Art Deco is characterised by strong geometric, angular forms, bold colours, metallic finishes, decadent wall detailing and glamorous visual drama.

Bringing the Roaring 20’s glamour to the 21st century space is sure to elevate even the simplest of spaces. To add this style to your home, think bold and opulence. While a full Art Deco interior would be a stunning one, it is also possible to play with Deco interior depending on your tastes and lifestyle.

The current take on updated art deco style is more playful and modern, for inspiration we’ve created a handy guide to tailor Art Deco to suit any space.

Bold Colours

Sofa from @bika_living

Distinctly Art Deco will often play with black, white, silver and gold. Bold and deep jewel hues like bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, purples and pinks are some of the range of colours that have a place in modern Art Deco.

Metallic Finishes

Nothing screams opulence more than metallic finishes. Add metallic additions like chrome, brass or silver details to chairs, light fixtures, feet ends and cabinet hardware to complete the luxurious look.

Glossy Wood Finishes

Choose highly polished wood or lacquer finish that instantly adds an unparalleled glamour to any room. Rich wood and lacquered furniture were key elements in luxury Art Deco design.


A key element in achieving this look is to embrace pattern. Patterns that were common throughout the Art Deco interior include sunbursts, chevrons, zigzags, trapezoids and stylised animals and nudes. Be bold and mix patterns for a more eclectic Art Deco design.

Geometry and Curves

Incorporate geometry and curvy forms to your space including the floor and walls. A signature characteristic of this style is the juxtaposition of sharp angular shapes within the same design element or stark transitions from one section to the next.

Opulent Fabrics

Your furnishings should be bold and fabulous, think solid bold hues or geometric patterned textiles for your soft furnishings. Go for bold block colour and accessorised with throw cushions in geometric print or vice versa. Velvet is also a crowd favourite to go with modern Art Deco design.

Fabulous Furniture

Go for unique, large and imposing furniture. Curvy furniture with strong, smooth lines are also prevalent in this style. A modern day Art Deco design adheres to streamlined, aerodynamic, symmetrical and geometrical look with modern materials, proportions and details. Go for geometric, vertical motifs in high-shine, luxurious finishes are requisite Art Deco features. Armchairs enveloped in velvet fabric in a scalloped design would look captivating next to a glossy wooden furniture with a metallic hardware.

Go Big on Accessories and Lighting

Accessories complete this style; small elements like fixtures and fittings make a difference too. Go glam on lighting or look for a replica light fittings and switch panels that is more kind to the pocket. Ornate mirrors fits great in this style and can turn any room more polished and larger even. Source for prints and art for your walls, along with personal finds like vases and figurines for a finishing touch.

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