Bintaro Design District 2020, More Than a Design Celebration

Bintaro Design District 2020, More Than a Design Celebration

By vira

Ten days of design exhibition, discussion, presentation, workshop and tours has ended. Bintaro Design District (BDD), as usual, is more than just a design celebration. Naturally, it was an event that professionals and students in design-related fields had been waiting for, but it was also an education for anyone, including design enthusiasts and simply passers-by.

BDD 2020 was supposed to happen in 2020. However, as the world had to stop for two years due to the pandemic, founders and curators Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono and Hermawan Tanzil, could only realise it this year, from 14-24 September 2022. Nevertheless, the spirit of collaboration was as strong as it used to be. Independent designers, design studios, design-related brands and students participated in ways that they could, from lending a space to volunteer in events. All is in the name of love for design because they know that good designs need to be introduced to the public and the event was accessible for anyone.

Atelier Riri's "More or Less" installation was constructed on an unused public space and became a unique feature in the neighbourhood.

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Around ninety exhibitors and speakers participated. The theme of “Common Future” relates with many people, especially after the conundrum we are still trying to figure out what the future holds. The event brought creative and problem-solving designs to the public. Discussions were insightful, exhibitions had opened some minds and perhaps sparked new ideas in design professionals, students and other visitors.

Paska Daksa, a discussion led by design practitioners and researchers who work closely with craft and are seriously concerned about Indonesian craft's future.

According to Budi Pradono, having Bintaro as the prime location of the event is relevant with the situation. COVID-19 has made people realise how important it is to be close with nature, to be out in the open, and the importance of home. More people are getting used to the idea of working from home and making their office more homy. They invest in better furniture for their home office, which may be more costly but healthier. “It’s what we call as ‘post pandemic urbanism’, where people who used to reside in the city move to not only suburban area but also to villages or somewhere remote and become digital nomads,” Budi said.

Lorong Lungguh, a collaboration <a href="">o</a>f Budi Pradono Architects and <a href="">A</a>las Trawas is about the journey of human life where at one point we have to stop or pause.
Handep, an ethically-made product with Dayak style and weaving technique.

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Approximately 3,600 design enthusiasts were listed as visitors in BDD 2020. The curator team is now stirring up ideas for the next edition, which, if all goes well, will happen in October or November 2023. Let’s hope for a healthier and better future!

A century of Indonesian Chairs exhibition, initiated <a href="">H</a>ermawan Tanzil. The chairs mostly belonged to individuals. They showed various functions and other importance that they stand for.
Uncertainty was the theme for <a href="">A</a>DGI (Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers) exhibition. 18 female designers raised their perspectives in living everyday life and facing the blurry future.

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