Get Inspired at Bintaro Design District 2020!

Get Inspired at Bintaro Design District 2020!

By vira

Bintaro Design District 2020 just started a few days ago and you can still catch it until 24 September 2022! About 90 designers are participating and 65 spots in Bintaro and around house the exhibitions, workshops, installations, talks and more. Designers from across generations are sharing their knowledge and showing their works for others to learn from, discuss and take inspiration.

The curators at the opening of Bintaro Design District 2020 in Kopi Manyar.

In this article we are featuring some of the displayed projects from several venues and designers.

1. Nggela Fashion Night at Han Awal Architects’ office gallery

In 2019, HAP’s principal architect Yori Antar, led a team to rebuild the burnt down houses of Nggela Village, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Afterwards, HAP and Rumah Asuh foundation worked together to market Nggela’s traditional woven cloth. And for HAP’s 52nd anniversary that’s celebrated as a part of BDD 2020, they exhibit the cloths at HAP’s gallery.

2. Cat shelter at Kopi Manyar

Cats are loved by many, including the renowned architect Andra Matin and his wife. At the opening of BDD 2020, Andra showcased the shelter that he designed for stray cats that they’ve been feeding and taking care of all this time. The steel cage located beside Kopi Manyar café is a stylish place for the cats to chill, eat, play and, well, do other cat stuff.

3. “Pameran Rumah” at Studio Andra Matin

It’s an exhibition of the many house-projects the studio has done since they were first established in 1998. Residential projects have also helped them survive the pandemic when many other projects came into a halt.

Read this article if you’re wondering why Bintaro Design 2020 is happening in 2022.

The next two exhibitions are located at Graha Paramita II building:

4. “Invent Your Future”

It’s an installation by Whiteboard Journal that aims to ignite discussions about the future of Bintaro and nearby areas. They put up boards which visitors can fill in with topics ranging from public transportation to general concerns about life in the future.

5. Katalis Spacebar | Art of the Future

The electric motorcycles that Katalis is showing at the exhibition are representing the future of mobility and sustainability while paying tribute to Indonesia’s past. Katalis envisions a better world where resources are re-used and nothing is wasted, and the air is free of emissions.

Some of the projects showcased at Alkahf Co-Working & Incubation Center:

6. Dale Micro Store

ArMS Architecture created this portable and very space-efficient store. It is how they imagine the future retail should be. Dynamic, easily moved to places, other than space and cost efficient.

7. Furniture from gallon bottle caps

GRRAD is an interior and furniture design studio. Amidst their wooden based furniture there is also a collection of stools made of recycled plastic bottle caps. They’re displayed right at the window of their office, you won’t miss it when you visit the second floor of Alkahf.

8. Branding and graphic design

Dassein is a design bureau based in Bandung. They showcase their printed works in the co-working space of Alkahf on 2nd floor. From brochure to coffee cup design and bottle labels, you name it, they’ve done it in just 6 years of experience.

Are those all that you can expect to see at Bintaro Design District 2020?

Of course not! We’ll post more designs displayed at the event in another post soon!

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