Budget-Friendly ways to Liven up your Living Room


Those who have been staying at home for the last few months have probably thought about redesigning their living room once or twice. Have you had the same design for years and are getting bored of it? Do you want to change how it looks without breaking the bank? Here are several ways to freshen up your living room without spending too much money.


Affordable storage solutions from Ikea. Source: ikea.com

First things first: get rid of all your junk! It’s a lot more difficult to get inspired to redecorate when there is a lot of clutter everywhere. A clean space is like a blank canvas, so go through all your things, decide which ones to keep, donate or throw away, then find storage solutions for your leftover items. That organization Pinterest board you’ve always had will finally come to use!

Rearrange your Furniture

Arbor & Troy living room setting. Photo: Bagus Tri Laksono 

An easy way to revamp your space is to simply rearrange the furniture. Switch things around and see what fits, but make sure not to lose the function of the space. For example, if this room is used to entertain guests, don’t remove any seating, just change its position and see how the room flows. If it is meant for watching TV with family, make that the TV is still the centre spot. For more tips on living room layouts, read this article.

Make a Statement Wall

A sage green statement wall. Source: domino.com

One sure way to make a drastic change in your living room is to pick up a paint brush and paint the walls. If you’re not ready for the full effect, just paint one side and make it an accent wall. This is a fun way to play with colour and freshen up an old living room. Make sure the colour of the other walls match first! Just buy several paint samples and test them out before buying a full size can of paint. You can even play with removable wallpaper if you’re feeling adventurous.

Incorporate Art

A DIY art wall. Source: ppmapartments.com

Don’t be afraid to play with art. It might be intimidating to choose the perfect piece to hang in your living room, but just remember; this is your space. Put whatever you want in it! You can create your own art with your family by purchasing some cheap paint and canvases for a little DIY touch you’ll always remember, visit thrift stores and see some unique creations, or even consult an art buyer if you want to invest in a masterpiece you’ll keep forever. There are so many ways to incorporate art. Just find what works best for you.

Buy a New Carpet

Have you been staring at that same old Persian rug you’ve had for over a decade? It’s definitely time for a new one. Choosing the right carpet can help modernise that living room and set a different tone for it. Introduce complementary colours on the rug for a wow factor, or stay simple and match the rest of your room with neutral colours. Carpets are important because they frame the entire room and can easily liven up any space. But make sure to use the right size. Smaller rugs will appear cluttered and make a room look smaller, whereas larger rugs will make the room appear more streamlined and spacious.

Update your Throw Pillows

Throw out those basic throw pillows and choose new bright or patterned ones for your revamp! There are thousands of throw pillow designs to choose from online and in store. You can even design your own and head to the nearest print shop to print them out. This small piece can help dictate the colour scheme of your room or be the perfect accent piece to bring the room together. Don’t forget to wash it regularly; throw pillows get dirty and dusty fast!

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