10 Furniture Arrangement Tips for a Lively Living Room


We're going to blow you away with several living room furniture layout ideas to help shape your space into a more enjoyable and livelier one. Here are several ways to arrange your must-have furniture items, like sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and more.

Function is Fundamental

Laid-back furnishing with the touch of piano | Source: http://shapeside.com <span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

The most basic thing to consider is ensuring that the living room layout accommodates the function. If you spend most of your time in the living room watching TV, the sofas should be arranged in such a way that you could sit and chill directly facing the screen so you don't have to hurt your neck or compromise your posture. If playing piano is your go-to activity, then make sure you have ample space either in edge of the room, or you can even consider making the (grand) piano a centre-piece of the room.

Perfect Seating for Conversations

Seating facing each other wouldn’t hurt your eyes | Source: decoraid.com<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

Nothing beats warm conversations with loved ones in your living room. To enhance the vibe, set a pair of comfy chairs facing the sofa. In between this set up, upholstered ottomans would be perfect as a coffee table or footrests. Once the room is setup, you can rest assured your guests would not want to leave. Being well prepared, starting with how your space is set up is half the battle, right?

Embrace the Spark Joy

Minimalist arrangement never dies | Source: thespruce.com<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

Who doesn’t want spark joy in the living room? Try to apply a modern layout where you could keep it minimalistic and elegant at the same time. In this living room, two single-couches have their backs to the window, but just covering a little bit of the glass so natural lighting can still fill the room.

In front of these two armchairs, you could set a simple glass coffee table, a longer couch in a similar colour tone, and a contrasting stool. Sometimes all you need is a simple colour scheme for all living room furniture to help exude a relaxing vibe. Lesson learnt, you don’t have to try hard to get a pleasant space.

Intimate Set Up

<em>Sofa with all around lovely furniture | Source: italianbark.com</em><span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

One single sofa in living room is more than enough for an intimate family. To add more colour, you can roll out a colourful rug and choose a low coffee table. If you're going for a pared-down sofa with a clean look, the decorations should be your next focus. From knitted throw pillows, leafy plants, to abstract wall paintings and textural storage baskets can help bring the space together blissfully.

“U” Shape for Balance

U-shaped sofa and big coffee table | Source: digsdigs.com<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

Arranging furniture in an empty room can become a daunting task. You want to make it looks aesthetically pleasing but fit your day-to-day use as well. A simple principle you need to reckon is to strike for a symmetrical configuration using the “U” shape. Arrange three sofas or two and other accent chairs into a U-shaped, or shop for one that comes in the shape, and consider placing a large rug on the floor.

You'll need to get a big coffee table in the middle of the seating area to balance it out. Remember this, with the U-shape, go big or go home—of course, leave enough room in between for people to pass through.

Divide to Unite

Distance won’t stop us as long as the seatings are fine | Source: houzz.com/<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

For those who have a considerably large living room, intimacy is pretty hard to achieve. Though it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Make it happen by dividing your room into two separate seating areas with a path to connect both. Instead of resorting to the conventional set up, you could also mark these two zones using any furniture. Maybe it’s a bench, daybed, or chaise. Your guests will have more seatings to choose from.

Scale Down Furniture

Cute furnitures for narrow living room | https://www.architecturaldigest.com/<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

Too many furniture in a narrow living room might leave the room little room to breathe. That’s why scaling down on your furniture is a must to make the living room a cosy place for all family members and guests. Each living room furniture piece matters, so choose wisely — choose tight-back couches or club chairs to save floor space. Leaner table and wall-mounted shelves also should be on your list to rearrange the living room layout nicely.

Bring Café Charm to the House

Café at home... feels so good | https://www.architecturaldigest.com/<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

This charming layout is most likely suitable for living room-dining room combo, or if you're not one to invest in a large couch. Arrange a small table with a pair of chairs, similar to what you would see at pavement cafés. Place this set up against the wall and hang an artwork to make this spot the focal point in your living room. Then go further with the café-like atmosphere with a few lovely touches, such as wall artworks, green plants, and wooden cabinet.

Maximize Wall Space

White built-in bookshelves framing theTV | Source: hgtv.com

Once your mission is accomplished in terms of the stuff laying on the floor—coffee table, ottoman, couches, or rugs, it doesn’t mean you’re completely done. Take it to the next level with built-in bookshelves to display your possessions and beyond that, artsy personality. Go with a pop of colour for bright, cheery vibes. For a neat and uniform look, mind the way you display the books. Maybe even make some space for accessories and art pieces to elevate the aesthetics.

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Awal Hidayat