Ways To Get Ultra-chic Industrial Interior Design


If you love the idea of unfinished and exposed raw materials inside your dwelling, we’re guessing that industrial design might fit for your interior home decor. Industrial interior design is all about a mix and match of raw materials, such as brick walls, concrete, timber, metal, piping, and the list goes on. But to make the most of them, you ought to take a few aspects into consideration. Hakuna matata, we’re here to help those who are ready to frame an edgy look with industrial touches.

Metal Is Essential

Metalwork in industrial decor | Source: archify.com

When it comes to industrial design, metal does matter. It’s an effective and efficient way to get the style. Incorporating metal pieces into your design will usher in an industrial vibe along with vintage look. Here, metal can work in many ways, from the seating, table legs, to cupboard. If you despise the metal chair because it's too cold upon sitting, just swathe it in cosy sheepskin. All in all, metal is truly essential.

Metallic essentials in industrial apartment interior design | Source: archify.com

Sleek Steel

Sleek and minimalist steel essentials | Source: home-designing.com

When your interior is decked out with steel features, then it’s time to allow industrial chic decor to shine. Its sleek and minimalist nature will meet the stylish look that you’re searching for. You can opt for this element in your kitchen to strengthen the functionality and practicality.

Brickwork Charm

Real redbrick wall in industrial decor | Source: behance.net

In an industrial interior design, brick is a great way to reveal the natural vibe. If you already featured brick in your property, then yours is a perfect example of “well beginning is half done". What about the less lucky ones? No need to feel discouraged since you could go to the plan B. There are brick veneers, brick-like paints, or wall coverings that might do as exquisite way as the real brickwork do.

Brick wall coatings add natural and industrial touches | Source: pinterest.com

Reclaimed Lumber

Weathered wood dining table | Source: furniturevillage.co.uk

Reclaimed or weathered wood might remind you a bit of farmhouse design, but industrial decor actually also fancy this element. Try using wooden material for furniture, wall panelling, or even flooring. If all goes well, a few reclaimed wooden essentials will give a sense of classic and stylish industrial look. Furthermore, they can provide the "unity in diversity" of natural features—besides metal, steel, and brickwork—adding more character to your space.

Being Exposed and Bold

Exposed pipes and beams for vintage touch | Source: pinterest.com

At an ex-industrial space, it’s common to find existing, junky pipes and beams. For an optimal benefit, we highly recommend you to expose them as leaving them naked becomes an integral part to industrial interior design. While it’s aesthetically pleasing, it also reveals the bold statement of industrial modern house. What’s more, it may reduce the cost to conceal those elements and you’ll be able to be back in the day.

Beams show off inside the spacious industrial house | Source: arch2o.com

Muted Victorian Colour Schemes

Muted Victorian room colour in aloft industrial house | Source: home-designing.com

Every interior style has its own room colour options to go for. And if you’ve convinced yourself to maximise the look of interior industrial design, then nothing speaks better than dramatic contrast of the muted Victorian colour palette of beige, sepia, cream, and bold black. Earthy and vivid, this scheme will make your room never feels overwhelming. You can add with another contrast colour for furniture, like the red oversized seating. Though it’s not a typical room colour for industrial design, it still just makes sense.

Eclectic Flooring

Polished concrete for flooring of industrial house | Source: comelite-arch.com

Enough for room colour, now what’s for flooring? The practical choice to keep on the right track is polished concrete floors. While it’s long lasting, easy to clean, and resistant to dust mites, this option also provides a contemporary touch to modern industrial home. But, all roads lead to Rome. You're allowed to create such stunning effect using wood or stone floors. For these choices, the warmth sensation will embrace the house owner and guests. Indeed, it gives an abundance of “back to nature” feeling to your house.

Stone floor room | Source: eurotilestone.com

Light Bulbs

Chandelier from light bulbs | Source: avantela.com

Another one of the industrial interior design ideas to include is light bulbs for statement lighting. Using lovely light bulbs can add a lot of vintage look to your house. As there are many bulb shape options, like big, small, large, thin, you should choose your own preferences to match with your personality. The most seductive part, the filament inside will offer decorative detail for the lighting. Not only that, feel free to experiment with the cable, from hanging in straight down from the ceiling or layering it in the form of resembling carnival-like arrangement. Oh, exhibit into the shape of chandelier will also look so shining, shimmering, splendid.

Industrial kitchen with light bulbs for artificial lighting | Source: hangoutlighting.com

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Awal Hidayat