10+ Dreamy Farmhouse Decor Inspirations


Farmhouse style never goes out of style. Its design is all about warm aesthetic that's not over the top. You don't need to live in a rural farmhouse to cherish the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of farmhouses. In fact, creating a country look for your home is enough to spark joy. If you're already imagining the decor of your dreams, look no further than these stylish ideas that you can apply to your home.

Weathered Wood

Reclaimed wooden wall and ceiling | Source: decoist.com

Farmhouse and rustic design are in a perpetual love relationship. That’s why, we highly recommend letting your wood ceiling beams or wall panels shine with their organic look. If you don’t have these features, you can easily find them at your local carpenter to give your ceiling more character. The more weathered the wood pieces are, the merrier. Whether it’s in the shape of wooden foundations, walls, or beams, it would be an alluring addition to your space.

Sliding Barn Door

Rustic sliding barn door | Source: barndoorz.com

A farmhouse decor at your house is at its best with a sliding barn door, which is not just for barns anymore. These sliding doors conserve a lot space while ushering in a rustic, inviting atmosphere. With a simple hardware kit, you can install your door that would look nice in the laundry room, hallway, and even in the living room as a space divider.

Magnolia Wreath

Original magnolia leaves wreath | Source: pinterest.com

Transform your home into a soulful haven with a fresh wreath made of natural magnolia leaves. You can easily bring earthy elegance with this country-style decor ideas by making one on your own instead of buying from store. The wreath will last well up to four years with proper care. Place the thrifty wreath on the front door, window, or even as greenery wall decor inside your bedroom and, voila, the farmhouse charm in your space is now real.

Neutral Colour Accent

Cool white wall | Source: tuffarm.com

When playing it safe, we tend to go for neutral colour, right? To amplify and intensify the natural lighting. Go with silvery moon grey, rock white, or grey stone wall paint colour to make you feel calm and welcome at home. And for an attractive farmhouse decor flair, feel free to mismatch the furniture in a contrasting yet harmonious tone of bright green or navy blue. These hues would go well with fresh plants or flowers too.

Wall of Mirrors

Mirrors on the wall | Source: lollyjane.com

Who says mirror, mirror, on the wall is only for the evil queen? This farmhouse decor idea proves otherwise. You can assemble a series of vintage mirrors, antique serving trays and platters to create a "farm-chic" aesthetic, and perhaps most importantly it could quite significantly enlarge your space, thanks to the optical illusion that's strikingly appealing.

Step-ladder Shelf

DIY ladder for clothes | Source: mksadler.com

Step-ladder shelf is one of the easiest farmhouse decors to craft. In no time, you can make your DIY leaning ladder shelf by simply dragging the old ladder out of the attic. Once you’re done cleaning and polishing it, place it in any room you want and hang all your lovely belongings here. From being a support beam for mini hanging succulents in the living room to holding clothes next to your bed, these repurposed ladder shelves might make storing day to day items look much more aesthetic.

Raw Hanging Shelves

Hanging rope shelf | Source: homedepot.com

Space-savvy hanging shelves can add a touch of ultra-chic design in any room when done right. Use a natural wooden slab and create holes in each of the four corners, then loop the rope through each side of the board and tie them nicely on the bottom side. When you manage to craft this storage hack, it can hold your favourite books or terrariums. Our tip is to choose a secondary colour and find decorative pieces in this colour to bring your little corner to live.

Entryway Gallery Wall

Gallery wall decor | Source: interiordesignexplained.com

Have a blank wall at your foyer or living room? A cool DIY farmhouse decor you could make at home is this gallery wall. Muster the pallet signs, antique items, “home sweet home” quotes, memorable photographs altogether to showcase the wonderful accent on the wall. This display looks amazing surely in the entryway or at the top of the stairs, or wherever you like.


Ceiling and wall shiplap | Source: farmhouseroom.com‌‌

Shiplaps are interlocking board walls made of wood that are commonly found in barns, farmhouses and other rustic spaces. A bright wall shiplap escalates the room to look even more airy and bright. The good news is, you can also place shiplaps on ceilings, because why not? Our tip is to opt for pine floor, which has the character to match the country setting for a cohesive look.

Bathtub Caddy

Wooden hutch and tub caddy | Source: goodhousekeeping.com

If you’re someone who enjoys self-indulgent sessions in the tub, make sure to hush lame decor away from the bathroom. Opt for an antique, wooden hutch, that you can use to arrange your body care products for a neat display. Now you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasing bathing experience with dedicated space for a glass of red, your favourite read and an aromatic candle.

Engraved Nightstand

Repurposed wood nightstand | Source: captaindecor.com

In true farmhouse decor style, storing your bedtime essentials should be in tune with nature. An engraved nightstand is the perfect furniture to give your space an effortless vintage feel. You can place artsy painting, old books, and foliage to bring the look together. Pair this corner with a nice wall-mounted night lamp and you’ll have a simple yet exquisite night stand.

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