Kitchen Design and Decoration Ideas (2020)


Kitchen designing can be a very exciting endeavour if you have a vision of what you want. Whether you're planning a brand-new kitchen or revamping your current one, the first step is to decide the style. There is a myriad of kitchen design options, ranging from rustic country to futuristic style. Here are our recommendations.

Rustic Country Kitchen

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A well-designed country style kitchen can bring recollections of visiting your grandparents in the countryside. You'd get that warm nostalgic feeling from strolling into the kitchen and smelling the delicious food prepped by your grandmother above the stove. Setting your kitchen in rustic country design will help to recreate that feeling. The key is to restore and repaint. Bring back that old cupboard and paint the counters and dividers in brown shades. Also, search for antique kitchen utensils with wood handles in flea markets.

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

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Another nostalgic-inducing style that you can use is the farmhouse kitchen design, whereby the "fixer upper" aesthetic is synonymous with "classic". There is a classic beauty in those well-worn antiques, stone tiling, crisp white shiplap walls, painted cabinetry, ruff-hewn open shelving, and apron-front sinks. Start with a few buckets of paint and a timeless farmhouse table and wrap it up with shiplap backsplashes and exposed beams.

Tudor Revival Kitchen Design

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Tudor revival kitchen design is a pastiche of the style in the early 19th century that used high craftsmanship in forms of custom cabinetry and islands, wrought iron lighting fixtures, and textbook carpentry. In modern days, Tudor revival kitchen emulates the style with a couple of modification details such as flattened Gothic arch, decorative half-timbering, and rustic wrought steel hardware. In some cases, the I-beam in Tudor revival kitchen also features I-beam covered in wood with chamfers and natural stone backsplash to further keep everything faithful to the original Tudor style.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

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For those who are uncomfortable with redundancy, the minimalist design is probably the most suitable choice. This kitchen design is excellent to avoid unnecessary ruckus while cooking. With the minimalist layout, everything is cut down to the bare essential. Eclectic decoration is no longer an option to keep it low-profile. Decorative details such as indoor greenery and splashes of colour accents are passable but a clean shape remains the top priority.

Boho-Chic Kitchen Design

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Perhaps the boho-chic kitchen design was invented solely for those with free spirits. It is somewhat similar to the country style with the open shelving and stacking plates settings. Being the opposite of minimalist, Bohemian style sought to bring personality into the room as a whole. Nothing is too much with Boho-chic: charm is all that matters. Have fun with framed photos, candlesticks, antiquities, flowers, art, and collectables. Invest in retro red appliances to further complement the look.

Sleek Modern Kitchen Design

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Modern style offers a certain sleekness so your kitchen will never go out of style. Finesse the design by giving the kitchen a fresh colour scheme, chic stools, and funky light fixtures that add fad and playfulness for visual interest while also punctuating the style. It is also crucial to nix clutters and make sure every single element in the kitchen interior is with sleek lines, as well as the appliances. Quick tip: go with stainless steel, since it gives off modern vibe and is timeless. Lastly, have fun with bold details as modern style is also all about making a statement.

Coastal Kitchen Design

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Summer or beach houses are great for design experimenting. In this case, one of the well-suited decoration styles that you can apply is the coastal design. Coastal design revolves around modern minimalist with the signature touch of blue shades.

Some would end up painting their cabinets in blue and call it a day, but there's more to the coastal design than merely giving a pop of blue. Rattans, open shelving, rugs, beach-themed shiplap backsplash, and colourful glass tableware are some of the details that define coastal kitchen decoration. Now the compulsory blue can come in any shape and shade.

Feel free to experiment with blue open shelving, soft blue-grey cabinets, navy apron sink, sea blue kitchen island, blue-accented wicker counter stool, scallop tiles, or even sea glass subway backsplash tile.

Industrial Kitchen Design

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Finding difficulties to click with excessive decoration and other sweet, soft designs? Try the solid masculine industrial style. Here, aesthetics and functionality are integrated harmoniously. Think unplastered wall, exposed duct and pipes, neutral palettes, juxtapositions of metal and wood, and open layout concept. The beauty of that raw impression is what makes people love it so much. While it's usually applied in urban warehouse lofts, there's nothing wrong with taking some notes from the style for your kitchen design.

Futuristic Kitchen Design

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Brace yourself, the future is here!

No longer a mere concept, futuristic design is now all the rage. Although it might seem challenging to nail the seemingly intricate style, the truth is quite the opposite. The primary characteristics of the futuristic design are long dynamic lines, strong chromaticism, high-tech appliances, glossy surfaces, with grey, white, and black as the dominant hues. For futuristic kitchen design approach, use high gloss finish, floating stones and tables, state-of-the-art LED light fixtures, and marble islands. Ace the design and you'll have a kitchen that looks as if it just came out of a top interior design magazine.

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