12 Must-Haves for Your Living Room (2020)


The living room is where family members come together to have quality time, so making sure that the space is comfortable only makes sense. Not sure where to start? Cheer up, we’re here to help you sort things out. The simplest way to make the most out of your living room is to ensure it isn’t missing any essentials, like these 12 must-haves.


Comfortable sofa for comfortable living room | Source: harveynorman.co.nz

Sofas should be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to furnishing a living room. Since it’s one of the biggest things in the room, it is vital to make sure it matches the overall tone of your living room, from colour, material, size and style.

Buying a couch is an investment, so make sure to make the right choice. Ask yourself if a leather or fabric sofa suits your family best. Does a sectional fit the room and your needs best? Is there need for a couch with a storage or one that opens up to a sofa bed?

Coffee Table

Coffee table with lots of storage spaces | Source: slicethinner.com

The next thing that your living room should have is a coffee table. You may think it doesn’t have that much importance, but it’s quite the contrary. Aside from holding your coffee in the morning, it's perfect for keeping essential items within reach. On top of that, a coffee table is also one of those elements that that bring all the other pieces together, giving your living room a cohesive look.

Shelving Unit

Shelving unit for uncluttering things | Source: overstock.com

A set of shelving unit helps remove clutter from your room. It's where you keep your favourite things in the living room that would otherwise be unfitting if placed elsewhere — think books, decorative chinaware, souvenirs, and trophies. Shelving unit comes with lots of options. You can choose either a bookshelf, tower shelf, or even wall-mounted shelving—all with their own plus and minuses


Bold drapes for bold impression | Source: homeessentials.co.uk

Never leave your living room window naked. Dress its frames with a set of drapes to for both decoration and function. It helps control the amount of natural light that enters the room while adding colour to the interior. Pick one with good fabric quality and an eye-catching design. Extra points if you can find matching cushions for your living room.

Lighting Installations

Elegant chandelier for high-ceiling living room | Source: eleglamlighting.com 
Flush mount lighting for low ceiling living room | Source: wayfair.com

Room lighting is a no-brainer, but not everyone thinks it through. Setting the right lamp configuration for your living room is as critical as selecting the correct seating arrangement. First, you need to pick the fitting overhead lighting that corresponds to the room height. Overhead chandelier suits high-ceilings, while low-ceilings are better off with a flush mount to light up the living room. Next, add table lamps to the sides of the couch for targeted lighting. Then, complete the setting with mood lighting.

TV and Sound System

Wall-mounted TV and soundbar | Source: mount-it.com

Having a good TV is a must these days, especially when there’s so many good shows out there. You don’t have to go out of your way and get the latest version with the best specs, because there are many budget-friendly cutting-edge options to pick from. Remember to install a good sound system to go with your TV for that added movie experience. You can also use it to listen to your favourite songs.

Media Stand

Pinewood steel metal TV stand | Source: ebay.com

A media stand is a must-have when you have a TV in your living room. unless you've decided to mount yours on a wall. Besides being a stand for your TV, it can store everything that comes with it, including remote consoles, sound speakers, CD/Blu-Ray player. Choose one with the perfect height and a style that fits nicely with the rest of the room.

Wall Decoration

Oversized art wall gallery for the artistic ones | Source: damasketdentelle.com

You should never let your wall bare naked without any sort of decoration. It’s always nice to have a gallery wall, especially if the remaining things in the living room lacks colour and/or anything that stands out as a focal point. Anything will do: framed photographs, painting, wall clock, mirror, or even wallpaper.


Ottoman storage | Source: ebay.com

Whoever invented ottomans is a genius. It is a slick way to hide things in the living room while serving as a footstool, snack tray, end table, the list goes on. Ottomans are a multi-purpose furniture piece that doesn't get much credit. Plus, it comes with excellent design options that could define your living room style.

Sofa Throws

Throw blanket and pillows for extra comfort | Source: thediyplaybook.com

Sofa throw is a finishing touch that would bring added cosiness to your living room. It helps keep you warm during rainy and cold nights, offers extra comfort whenever you’re binge-watching movies, and makes naps extra enjoyable. Add some fluffy pillows too while you’re at it.


Oriental rug for living room | Source: overstock.com

The feeling of soft texture under your toes is a welcome feeling. Rugs offer that and more: they effortlessly make the whole living room feel warm and inviting, which you’d definitely want. Larger area rugs tend to give the illusion that your living room is more spacious than it is. They also come in various styles (shabby chic, bohemian, oriental) and materials (shag, needlepoint, cut pile).

A Touch of Personality

Pop art interior | Source: smalldesignideas.com

A good interior design should reflect its owner’s personality. The things in the living room can always be styled to match your personality, which means it's really up to you to decide what you're going to add to your living room. Whether it’s pop art, modern, contemporary, vintage, or Memphis design—you can do no wrong!

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