Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas You Should Try at Home


There’s no better place than your own bedroom to unwind and get well rested for the next day. To make the most of it, minimalist bedroom design might be everyone's favourite since it has been proven to help reduce stress. Apply these “less is more” ideas and declutter your bedroom from any excess so you can enjoy peace in simplicity.

Neutral Shades

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Muted shades are a major aspect to consider in a minimalist bedroom design, along with a touch of white to bring a sense of openness into the space. The key is to keep the same colour family and avoid complex colour combinations. Choosing neutral colours will do wonders in bedroom essentials and furniture, starting with keeping the interior timeless and easy to style.

Black and White

Black and white bedroom | Source:

You can go even more basic than neutral colours — choose a monochrome palette to dress your personal space, because why not? Here's an incredible example of how black and white can still come alive through clean lines and understated decor. Wooden bedside tables and wooden flooring help elevate the room so it's not dull. This is another faultless and timeless choice for a minimalist bedroom.

Play with the Colour

Colourful bedroom | Source:

If you're not a fan of the muted hues or stark white, a splash of pastel colours could be applied to some essentials: pillows, blankets, and even the walls. With a soft colour arrangement of greens, blues and pinks, the bedroom will remain neutral and bright. Just remember to leanly furnish your bedroom and keep it simple!

Declutter the Excess

Functional bedroom | Source:

If you're still reading and interested in turning your bedroom into a minimalist one, the best tip to keep in mind is to declutter. In this cosy and lovely bedroom, you only see the essentials. The rest of the clutter is hidden inside the console or closet. What's visible to the eyes are the metallic nightstand, some greeneries, and also a few pieces of artwork that give a space its character. By decluttering, you are reducing any visual stress from your room.

Embrace Your Collections

Books at the end of the bed | Source:

Still can't let all your collections go? Luckily, being minimalist doesn’t always equate to throwing away your favourite possessions. For bookworms, reading collections must be difficult to give away. If it sparks joy, embrace your collections. With strategic placement, you can incorporate them into your design. If you must store items in the open due to lack of storage space, try storing them under a bench at the foot of your bed.

Back to Nature

Natural wooden and exposed red brick in bedroom | Source:

In this natural, minimalist bedroom, a natural wooden headboard and wood panelling flooring help introduce an earthy and organic look. The same elements can be used for other elements in the room. Needless to say, an exposed-brick wall is a great aesthetic to keep. Stick with one exposed-brick wall per room so it stays the focal point.

Sunlight Is Welcome

Japanese style bedroom | Source:

Remember that minimalist style eliminates most unnecessary gewgaws to make space for only functional elements. One thing that would help with this is the amount of windows that can let sunshine in and warm up the bedroom. Consider adding Japanese style as it's also an effective interior strategy if you want a minimalist look. With Japanese visual arts, washi elements, and wooden-dominant materials, your bedroom space will bring about a rejuvenating zen vibe.

Symmetrical Balance

Bedroom with symmetrical point | Source:

This eye-catching room takes symmetry into another level. It really pulls the room together, yet no space goes to waste. The bedside tables, hanging lamps, and pillows are both functional and decorative, achieving a sense of ultra sophisticated design while still staying true to the 'less is more' adage.

Decorate with Greenery

Monsterra for bedroom | Source:

There are so many good reasons to bring indoor plants to your room. One thing is certain, verdant greens beautifies the bedroom and some can even purify air. Whether you opt for a Monstera with its split leaves, a Snake Plant that's low maintenance, or a Boston Fern in a hanging basket, a touch of green can go a long way. You’ll feel a more intimate connection to the outdoors inside your home.

Foliage inside the bedroom | Source:

On top of that, you don’t need to put a huge effort to take care of the foliage. Just make sure that they are exposed to adequate indirect sunlight and water on a regular basis.

Attic Retreat

Bedroom in attic | Source:

Here's proof that even an attic, when decluttered, can bring magic under your roof. This minimalist decorating style features timber headboard and an understated bedside table. To prevent the dark ambience that usually comes with an attic, put a skylight to allow light to envelop the interior.

Industrial Touches

Industrial chic bedroom | Source:

This uncluttered room is made warmer with the addition of industrial touches like neutral colour scheme and exposed concrete. The orchestral combination between artificial and natural lighting will serve you (and your vegetation) well. Feel free to place artworks on blank walls, especially the grey of exposed concretes for an instant industrial charm.

Stylish Boho

Boho minimalist bedroom combo | Source:

A mashup of ultra-chic boho and minimalist design can be a lovely twist inside your bedroom. Opt for a textured rug or even a Moroccan carpet, fresh foliage, and eclectic but lean wall decor for a punch of character. All set with the touch of bohemian flair, your sleeping space will look more welcoming and youthful.

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Awal Hidayat