Opening of ARTJOG 2023 – Motif: Lamaran

Opening of ARTJOG 2023 – Motif: Lamaran

By vira

Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, is once again packed with tourists and art lovers! It is where the 16thARTJOG is held with the theme “Motif: Lamaran”, which involves 73 artists, including 22 child artists. Aside from the exhibition, ARTJOG 2023 also brings you programs like Young Artist Award (YAA), ARTJOG Kids, Exhibition Tour, Meet the Artist, Artcare, Jogja Art Weeks and performa•ARTJOG.

L to R: Hilmar Farid Ph.D., Goenawan Mohamad, and Heri Pemad

ARTJOG 2023 was officiated by Heri Pemad as the director of ARTJOG, Goenawan Mohamad as a participating artist, and Hilmar Farid Ph.D. as the director general of culture from the Ministry of Education and Culture Repulic of Indonesia on 30 June 2023.

At the opening event, Dian Lakshmi Pratiwi, S.S., M.A. as the head of Culture Department of Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) gave an opening speech on behalf of the Governor of DIY, in which he stated to fully appreciate ARTJOG that keeps inspiring and supports the development of art and culture in Indonesia. In Hilmar Farid’s speech, he encouraged visiting art exhibitions should be included in schools’ curriculum to expose kids to art and appreciate them since early in their life.

The announcement of YAA 2023 winners

Last but not least, Agung Kurniawan and Sudjud Dartanto on behalf of the jury of YAA 2023 announced the winners: Audya Amalia with her work “Things Left Unsaid on the Edge of Her Fingers”, Condro Priyoaji with “Gelap di atas Gelap”, and Yosep Arizal with “El Monstruo”.

The following are some of the amazing artworks exhibited at ARTJOG 2023.

ARTJOG 2023 is curated by Hendro Wiyanto and Nadiah Bamadhaj. This year’s commission artist is Mella Jaarsma. Her artwork “Outskirts” (2023) is inspired by the relation between human body and its living space in traditional architecture.

"Kayon Panutup" (2023) by Gegerboyo, a group of four artists consisted of Anjali Nayenggita, Enka Komariah, Prihatmoko Moki and Vendy Metodhos. The installation is a depiction of Gunung Tutup, a place built on principles formed from a syncretic mixture of elements of Hiduism, Islam, Javanese culture and others.

Part of Butet's displayed works

A celebration of the “King of Monologue” Butet Kertaredjasa’s long career as a performer and all-around artist.

“The Archeology Story” (2023) by Ugo Untoro, where he inscribed stone works with various motifs that contain contemporary messages and issues.

“Kitab Hantu 1” & “Kitab Hantu 2” (both 2023) by Goenawan Mohamad featuring imaginative ghosts and witty text.

“Aaaahhhh” (2023) by Dicky Takndare & The Sampari, questioning the real freedom of Papuans in mixed media installation.

“I (Don’t) See Colour” (2023) by Bibiana Lee about the utopian idea of being colour blind when it comes to races (skin colours).

"GUMUL, Segenap Kandidat" (2023) by Ruth Marbun, combining visual images and text as she thinks each one is not exclusive to just visual artists or writers. The visuals and text here don't explain each other, rather they collide with each other.

“Paperless Land Above” (2023) by Irfan Hendrian presents his inconvenience of being ‘non-native Indonesian’ through objects made of pressed document papers on limitations for Chinese descendants.

“Membaca Alam Menjaga Hidup” (2023) by Fitri DK, part of Taring Padi collective artists. She raised the topic of environmental issue movement by women and indigenous people in woodcut print in the form of prayer’s mas.

"Chasing My Crown" (2023) by Zeta Ranniry Abidin is based on the artist's interpretation of an absurd short story "Abrakadabra" (1974 by Danarto, which is a parody between Hamlet and Horation, the main characters in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

And the ever so amazing, a collection of Rita Widagdo’s sculptures that she created from 1972-2008.

Artwork displayed on top of this page: "JRMN0001" (2023) by Nurdian Ichsan, which combines ceramic and plastic materials and hung it in a way to make it look very light.

Also read: Artjog 2023 poster and head to for more information.

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