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Designed by famous Indonesian architect Andra Matin in collaboration with renowned contemporary artist Eko Nugroho and several talented up and coming artists, ARTOTEL Gajahmada - Semarang is the newest addition to the city’s skyline, located right in the heart of the city.

Popular Indonesian hotel chain, Artotel Group, is known for its uniquely curated hotels using beautiful works of art, and this newest addition to their portfolio fits right in. The 12-storey building located on Jl. Gajahmada stands out from the rest, especially with the striking dark hues of the building’s façade specifically chosen by Andra (also well-known as Aang).

Upon arrival, the hotel’s entranceway shaped like a maze is very distinctive and makes for an interesting photo spot. A similar theme continues on to the hotel lobby, where dark and aquatic blue was chosen as the colour scheme of the walls, and is complemented by neutral-coloured furniture. Right in front of the reception area is a large and incredible piece of art by Eko painted on the wall that stretches two floors. The piece is called “Garden of Democracy” and it’s about unity in diversity as well as the reimagination of Semarang.

Each level that houses the 80 rooms are designed by different artists and have unique themes under the same idea of “Semarang Reimagined”. The artists who designed these levels are all up and coming Indonesian artists such as Bunga Jeruk, Horestes Vicha, Ummi Damas, Zaky Arifin and Diela Maharani. All rooms have works of art on the wall and feature a similar colour scheme of dark and aquatic blue. These art-inspired design studios come in three types, Studio 25, 30 and 55.

The hotel has two food and beverage outlets, Fusion Asian restaurant Fat Elephant that is open 24 hours and serves room service, and 11/12 Rooftop Bar located on the 12th floor of the building that serves alcoholic drinks and light bites. The bar offers spectacular 360 degree views of the city, a perfect place for a romantic evening or a place to have fun with friends.

Like all Artotel locations, ARTOTEL Gajahmada - Semarang has ArtSpace, an art gallery featuring different works of art, and MeetSpace, a stylish meeting room that can cater up to 20 people. ArtSpace is located on a mezzanine level between the Fat Elephant Restaurant and the Lobby with a view of the “Garden of Democracy” painting. Art is truly celebrated on every level.

No matter where they’re established, Artotel Group always succeeds in making a statement and celebrate the glory of art, and ARTOTEL Gajahmada - Semarang is no exception. Offering stunningly-decorated rooms, delicious food and an incredible ambience, this hotel is the perfect place to stay when exploring the city.

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