Tasting the Rich Ezo Hokkaido Cheesecake


The enjoyment of eating cheesecake started when the owners went and tried this famous dessert in Japan. They got the chance to compare ingredients, different preparation and cooking processes and to sample the fnished product at numerous cheesecake houses in Hokkaido, Osaka and Tokyo. Having tried out many varieties, they developed their own recipes and introduced them to the Indonesian market at their Ezo Hokkaido Cheesecakes & Desserts. Here is where people can enjoy luxury in tasteful desserts and in the chic French setting by Evonil Architecture.

PHOTO BY Evonil Architecture and Ezo Cheesecakes & Bakery

Ezo Hokkaido Cheesecakes & Desserts is best known for its Hokkaido Cheesecakes and its Cheese Bomb. The cheesecake offers a soft bottom layer with a moist filling but before tasting this experience, the tip of your tongue will first encounter its outer layer which is made of soft soufflé flakes. These delicious cheesecakes come in a variety of flavours including Matcha, Oreo, Chocolate and its original flavour.

The Ezo Cheese Bomb is a perfect combination of crispy fresh-baked tartlets and a creamy cheese mousse that melts in your mouth. The tartlets can be enjoyed while they’re hot, chilled or frozen. The owners wanted to be sure that they met the tastes of the local customers, so they added a wide range of flavours such as almond white chocolate, blueberry, caramel, chocomaltine, earl grey, espresso chocolate, lemon yuzu, matcha, Nutella, Oreo and strawberry, along with their famous Original Cheese Bomb.

Like Japanese dessert houses, they also offer soft serve ice cream. “Our Camembert Cheese Ice Cream is one of our best-selling products. It has a soft and creamy texture with a pleasant taste,” says Fairtel Mong, marketing director. All of the products are made with the best available ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial colourings, to ensure that everything is healthy, tasty and good for everyone. The recipes that were created by the owners led Ezo to be one of the most popular cheesecake houses in town as evidenced by the regular long queues in their stores at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Mall Taman Anggrek and Mall Kelapa Gading.

Designed by Evonil Architecture, Ezo shops have a French-inspired décor with a sweet and modern ambiance to compliment their tasty cakes. Evonil made the interior have an elegant and feminine atmosphere thanks to its white and mint green walls. The cakes are displayed like jewels inside a glass box. There are birdcage lamps above the cake display that provide spotlights for the cakes, as well as adding a unique decorative detail to the overall interior.

Ezo Hokkaido Cheesecakes & Desserts currently have three locations in Jakarta. This year they will open further branches in Ciputra Mall, Puri Indah Mall and Aeon Mall JGC in Jakarta, Aeon Mall BSD City in Serpong and Tunjungan Plaza in Surabaya, so more and more people will be able to enjoy their tasty desserts.

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