Where to Get Your Pots and Plants in Jakarta


Decorating your home with plants is one of the easiest ways to add a little extra life to your space. Indoor plants have a huge positive impact on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, while also being kind for the environment.

With home gardening taking centre stage, we compile a list of shops where you can purchase potted plants, planters, pots and other home gardening accessories. Now all you need is sun, water and a positive attitude.


Source: @specimenwerk

Specimenwerk project focuses on art plants, planters and objects made by artists and designers. Every plant and planter at Specimenwerk is unique to promote multidisciplinary collaboration in botanical industry, arts and craft and digital media.

Shop with Sky

Source: @shopwithsky

This one is a great option for gardening newbies. The shop offers a variety of decorative and indoor plants as well as pots, fertilisers and tools. The company also offers gardening classes and techniques.

Plantis et Java

Source: @plantisetjava

Located at Hunter and Grower in Kemang, this shop carries a wide array of plants with striking colours and shapes. They also carry eco-friendly and trendy pots as well as organic serums and classy gardening tools and accessories.


Source: @botanicary.id

Botanicary offers a wide selection of indoor and decorative plants, the shop is perfect if you are looking for cacti, good quality monstera and more. Botanicary also offers plant styling, pots and other products related to plant care.


Source: @livingwithlof

LOF is more than just a plant shop; they combined plant shopping and eatery in one urban jungle location. They carry a lot of indoor plants including cacti, Kokedamas, standee and attractive looking accessories.


Source: @pottum_

Apart from Philotera, Pottum keeps it real by offering artisanal, handmade terracotta pots and planters with creative designs in various colours and sizes.

Grow and Grow

Source: @growandgrow.id

The shop offers a wide variety of decorative indoor plants. You can also rent the plants at Grow and Grow for events decoration.


Source: @potti.id

For those of you who love pastels, Potti is the place for you. The team at Potti create minimalist pot shapes from hexagonal to round.

Urban Botanica

Source: @urbanbotanica.id

Need an unconventional pot with a touch of art? Urban Botanica makes whimsical hand-painted pots and planters to make your living space even cooler.

La'Tierra Pottery

Source: @la.tierra.pottery

Terracotta with a touch of glamour. This shop offers artsy and playful hand-painted terracotta pots in varied shapes and sizes as well as potted plants.

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