Work From Home: Home Office Styling Ideas


People increasingly prefer to work from home over spending hours in traditional offices for many reasons. It's more comfortable, arguably less distracting (if you don't have kids), and also saves time. The only challenge is to stay motivated as you’re alone and without your coworkers. Here are some home office styling ideas that you can use to stay motivated during work from home periods.

Masculine Industrial

Industrial home office | Source:

If your home office is cool, rest assured you’re going to have fun while working from home. A vintage metal-framed desk and cabinetry, plus washed-out brown sofa and beige rug create an industrial vibe in this home office. And look at these round stools installed to the desk! Everything screams masculine in this workspace.

Sensuous Blues

Blue home office | Source:

Blue is the colour of the mind. It is soothing and mentally calming. Intense blue stimulates clear thought, so it’s perfect for a home office. This home office is neat and free from clutter. The monochromatic theme on the wall helps a lot to keep the mind stay focused. It’s suitable for those who cannot stand distractions when working from home.

Scandinavian Serenity

Scandinavian home office | Source:

If you love minimalism, then the Scandinavian style home office is the one for you. Everything is pared way down to its essential function, giving off a clean and calming vibe throughout the room. It’s mostly neutral, but the touch of green from the indoor plants keeps the room feeling fresh 24/7.

Home Office for Two

Shared home office | Source:

This office is designed for a couple who both work from home, who can both bid farewell to fighting for office space. Plenty of drawers provide extra storage for everyone, and the space between each workstation can keep the two away from disturbing each other. The large windows invite sunlight to flood the space, making this home office energy-savvy. Quick tip: you can personalize your work area by choosing different chairs!

Rad Retro

Mid-century modern office | Source: IG @cazmyersdesign

This mid-century modern office exudes major retro vibes. This style is an excellent way to create a meditative mood in your home office. Pops of yellow shades are added here and there to complement the look with a lively energy, making extended WFH days more bearable. The framed picture serves as an artistic touch to the otherwise plain room.

Fashionable Mod

Modern home offcie | Source:

Here’s the formula for a modern home office: simple and straightforward with clean lines, unorthodox design, open plan interior with generous use of glass, and exposed concrete walls. While everything else from desk, chair to walls are clean and neat, colourful book piles lining up the bookcase add just the perfect amount of organised mess.

Mediterranean Way

Mediterranean home office | Source:

White stucco walls, dome ceilings, metalwork on windows, dark wood furniture; those are the traits of Mediterranean interior. This sophisticated style fits those who fancy classic elegance and detailed ornaments. Timber flooring is used to add warmth and comfortability. All in all, this is a high-class way to decorate your work from home space.

Wallpapered Fantasy

Home office with wallpaper | Source: 

In this stunning home office, minimalism converges with fantasy. Dreamy wallpapers on your wall adds texture, colour, and character while covering your wall imperfections. Besides, experimenting with texture can go a long way. In terms of colour, green or blue would help freshen your vision and calm your mind - just a simple way to maximise your productivity.

Contemporary Spirit

Contemporary home office | Source:

Channel your inner chic-ness by decorating your home office in a modern style. Black, grey, and white are common in contemporary interiors. Additional vibrant colours are encouraged as accents, just like how this office is presented with yellow highlights. Abstract paintings serve as an artistic, visual point to a space, while fluffy shag rugs add texture on the otherwise naked floor.

Bohemian Flair

Bohemian home office | Source:

Embrace the free spirit within you and start decorating your office with anything with a backstory or anything sentimental that holds a special place in your heart. Remember those wooden stools that you bought from the flea market while travelling in Europe? That patterned rug your grandmother gave you? Put everything inside your office and trust your artistic side to do the rest. Adding houseplants can't go wrong either! They’re beautiful, generally easy to take care of, and add a breath of fresh air to your space.

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