Contemporary Interior Design for Living Room Decoration (2020)


When it comes to home interior design these days, most people opt for minimalist modernism styles. But pure simplicity is not for everyone. For those who long for a feast to the eyes, contemporary style offers much more than the bare minimum. A truly unique style firstly introduced back in the 1970s, it is not bound to a specified timeline in the history of design, nor is it limited to one particular style.

What really defines contemporary interior design is trend; everything that is currently trending in the present times complemented with elements from various past styles such as the 1920’s Art Deco and Modernism, Neo Futurism, even Traditional design. For now, the look is defined by subtle sophistication, curved lines, and deliberate play of texture. If you really want to decorate your living room according to this style, you should stick to the following rules.

The Colour Palette


One of the distinctive features of contemporary interior design is the colour palettes. It is rather easy to distinguish contemporary from, say, modern design, which often being confused with contemporary. While both incorporate neutral hues, modern style interior leans more to the earthier side of the palette. For contemporary style, the signature colours are grey, black, and white. These shades are the dominant tones and mostly used for grounding a contemporary style room, added with touches of bright and bold colours.


When we talk about contemporary colour theme, the key is to mind the proportion. So when the wall is painted in basic neutral like black, accents of bright and bold colours should be used to play against the neutral backdrop. And if it is painted in pastels, neutrals ought to be used everywhere else.


For this reason, it is not hard to bring in personality to your contemporary style living room. Expressive artworks, riotous coloured cushions and collectables, anything bold can be used to accentuate your neutral walls. Conversely, you can go for a bold wall as long as you keep the trims, ceiling and flooring neutral.

The Furniture

Less is always more. This is one of the prominent traits of contemporary interior design. Equip your living room with sleek and iconic furnishings. Set your eyes on the ones that are statement-inducing conversation starters while also pared down, with smooth, curvy lines and geometric silhouettes. Can’t think of anything? Try pieces made of natural materials with solid hues and unadorned surfaces.


For upholstered furniture like sofa, textured natural fabrications in neutrals are superior. Think wool, linen, cotton, silk, and jute. Then, complete the look with simple, bright coloured throws and cushions. Keep loud patterns away from your contemporary style living room.

The Accessories

This is where you can stylize up and get creative. You have limited options with furniture, so feel free to experiment on decorative accessories. Add depth and personal touch to your living room with peculiar lamps, statuesque figurine, and eye-catching small-sized artworks. These extras that you bring into the room also serve as unique conversation starters with your guests.


Prepare to style up your living room with a play stripes, tonal pattern, geometric prints, and concise colour combinations help complement a contemporary style living room with hints of unexpected artistic move. Keep in mind to not to overdo it, lest you forget there are nods of minimalism in contemporary style, so eclectic decoration is out of the picture. The goal is modern simplicity, with great attention to line, space, shape, and well-thought colour palette.


The Lighting

Another thing that you need to be mindful of when applying a contemporary interior design is the lighting. Let in as much natural light whenever possible. This is a detail borrowed from mid-century modernism. Think of huge windows in your living room, but if it is not feasible, there are a few outlets that you can choose to avoid sacrificing the style.


Feature at least one element from each of the following lighting category: ambient or general lighting, accent lighting, and task lights. Choose the ones with shapely fixtures that go along with the curvy lines of furniture to add a contemporary vibe to your living room. Quick tip, metal-based lighting pieces are a failsafe move.

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