10 Home Decor Ideas To Posh Up Your Home


Homeowners like to posh things up at home to get that luxurious atmosphere. For those who don't mind the cost that comes with, seeking comfort in a lavish environment is achievable. Playing with home decor is a great and effective way to elevate the creative taste at home. If you're lucky, it doesn't have to be expensive if you are willing to get creative. Here are 10 opulent home decor ideas to bring extravagance to your abode.

Chandelier for a WOW Factor

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Nothing screams luxury louder than a chandelier hanging in the middle of a room with soaring ceilings. The grandeur of the lighting fixture is enough to make it the focal point of the space it occupies. With either a classic or a modern chandelier, make sure to match yours with the room to achieve a cohesive look. If possible, opt for a unique shaped chandelier for drama. A chandelier will surely light up your room, literally and figuratively.

Metallic Things for Added Shine

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Decorate a room with metallic coloured furniture pieces or accent walls, and you have yourself a fancier room with some glitz and glam. The added shine will especially do wonders in an understated space with muted colours. Remember to exercise restraint from going all out with this type of home decor. The key is to add a touch of metallic accent so it's just enough, but not too much that it's the centre of attention when someone walks in the room. For a safe approach, go with gold or silver metallic for that faultless extravagant hit.

Boiseries for the Walls

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Not all luxurious things have to be new. Going traditional or vintage for once can be an exciting choice. This 17th century wall decoration trend will give a classic palace vibe to a room, making it a perfect option for anyone who wishes to feel like royalty.

Big, majestic inlays and engravings, with floral and natural form relief in a framed design will go a long way in adding personality and character to the whole room. The colour choice also helps — matte base walls combined with prominent colour like gold will quickly give a point for elegance, or simply opt for one colour for that understated luxury look that doesn't overwhelm.

Subtle Luxury With LED Perimeter Lights

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Luxury doesn't have to be new, and it doesn't always have to be grand and big. Sometimes going with small things that have a significant impact will do the trick. Just with properly installed LED perimeter lights, a room would lit up with effortless elegance. Granting the room with well-located subtle yet warm lights can give a place an illusion of luxury. It can be especially great for highlighting a particular part of the room — like the floors of the ceiling. Simple yet exciting how a small detail can bring so much to a room.

Vases for Attention

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Remember how small things can have a significant impact on setting an atmosphere? Well, vases have that kind of effect too. We are talking about eye-catching vases that have a unique flair. Punctuate the room with decorative vases, in the corners, at the centre of a table, on the floor, or anywhere that works for your particular space. The vases will serve as thoughtful accents to a room and could even amplify the artistic atmosphere. Pair vases that stand out in colour or shape with dainty flowers, or go for plain vase types and fill them with vibrant flowers — either one would make an impact.

Showcase the Collectibles

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Have some collectibles lying around? It's time to give them the spotlight. Collectibles such as paintings, art pieces, statue, make a perfect focal point for the right rooms. These items can provide a lively atmosphere especially if they are complementing a plain room. With the perfect lighting, positioning, and style collectibles can really elevate a space

Marble It Up

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Marble will never be a wrong choice to accommodate a luxurious look. It's almost as if marble is the signature of luxury. It can be used to dress the wall, decorate the wall as an art piece, or take all the attention as a focal point. The cool, polished, and modern look of marble can easily bring lavishness without much further alterations. With proper supporting furniture, the marble will set the luxurious vibe in motion.

Sweeping Curtains

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Over the top is not always bad. When it comes to curtains, don't hesitate to let it drape all over the floor. The 'excessive' curtain will give a luxury finish to a room, comparable to the train of a beautiful evening gown. Sweeping across the window every time you close or open it, the curtain would definitely add that extra edge to your windows.

Say Yes to Ornate Mirrors

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Another decorative element to consider is ornate mirrors. While it can serve its practical purposes, a mirror can add radiance to a room. Ornate ones have the power to infuse classical luxury to your abode. Like with most elements, styling mirrors can get pretty tricky when you consider the rest of the room. Just a single mirror can help bring the illusion of a bigger space to any room.

Low-Height Sofa is a Thing

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Most luxury home decor will include low-height sofa as the main star of a room. Not only does it create a super comfy living area, low-height sofa tends to offer modesty in luxurious comfort. If you are blessed with stunning views from your living room, make sure that the sofa is not an obstacle but rather an ideal spot to enjoy it from. A sofa is an investment for the perfect place to chill out, unwind and enjoy much-deserved relaxing moments at home.

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