9 Stylish Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard


The backyard can function as the perfect hideaway from the outside. To achieve it, there are few things you should ponder before you take action. Should you feature the small ponds, or dress it up with lovely colourful flowers? Install the outdoor lighting, or decorate with a relaxing water fountain? Keep calm, below we’ve selected some wonderful landscape design and ideas for your backyard in which you’ll love to spend your time here after the improvement.

Tropical Sense

The tropical vibes backyard | Source: housebeautiful.com

When you’re living in the tropics, including Indonesia, it’s obviously not difficult to plant overgrown trees in the back garden. What makes it enticing, the palm tree that grows behind your home can offer the maximum benefit. It will spoil your eyes, and most importantly, matches perfectly with the other outdoor plants between stone tiles. At the end of the day, the tropical vibe is ready to top off your staycation at home, especially during self-quarantine times.

Coastal Touch

Coastal landscape design in Melbourne contemporary home | Source: nativeplantproject.com.au

Moving from the tropical region to the coastal landscape design, here’s for those who never get tired of the seaboard. The back garden might incorporate an architectural pool, outdoor BBQ grill, veranda, perennial flowers, and shrubs. Take a cue from this contemporary house in Melbourne, the fluency of lines and straight edges in the backyard perfectly marries each other as the ultimate goal.

Smart String Lights

String light for outdoor space | Source: hgtv.com

If you seek out the smart way to add the touch of vintage style into your landscape backyard, string light might be one of the best options. The string light can be attached from the patio, fence, or whatsoever across the back garden. Not to forget, arrange the couch as the focal point on a textured-grey carpet, surrounded by the greenery.

Vintage and romantic lighting scheme in the garden | Source: housetodecor.com‌‌

Here, shabby chic garden lights are employed as an end-to-end lighting scheme. Even better, the lighting jars hanging under the tree take the space to the next level and feel like the best setting to hold a family garden party at night. The white-coloured timber furniture also leaves so much romantic impression, making it glow in the dark.

A Splash of Waterfall

Minimalist waterfall in the patio | Source: archute.com

Do you have a patio next to your in-ground pool at the back of your house? Here’s another clever landscape design hack to optimise your backyard. Install an artificial waterfall from the crystal hanging glass table to the small pond. Can you imagine one fine afternoon when you dine together with families while relishing the soothing and calming sound of the waterfall trickles? Indeed, it's also thrilling to meditate and contemplate in this zen-atmosphere space.

Vertical Garden

Floating plants as the background in the vibrant backyard | Source: countryliving.com

For those who have a small backyard, this design is the excellent answer. As long as you’ve got a wall to hang some foliage, and of course, potting soil as well as outdoor plants, don’t ever try to waste it. The living wall can make your patio even fresher and more natural. Also, feel free to adjust with your floating plant preferences, either you fill with an array of colourful flowers or pack with full of green vegetation.

Green vertical wall with terraced patio | Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

Outdoor Shower

Refreshing outdoor shower in a green setting | Source: archdaily.co

According to a 2018 report from Realtor.com, a real estate professional website, the outdoor shower is the best complement to the house. It will drastically increase the value of home when you have an outdoor shower, particularly in your backyard. Installing outdoor showers for the small yard is not a daunting task. For the fascinating effect, you can place the shower onto the rustic flooring in the midst of flowering shrubs finery.

Outdoor shower with the visual allure of hydrangea | Source: housebeautiful.com

Tranquil Backyard Pond

Serene backyard fish pond | Source: hgtv.com

A backyard pond can bring tranquility and serenity to the landscape design of your home. When you feature the pond, it will help to tempt the natural environment and a diverse group of plants can be utilised to display various colours and texture. You are also allowed to put colourful koi or goldfish in a pond to add a wildlife, and not to mention, the stream of water falling down over rocks could take the edge off the anxiety.

Backyard Stage

Contemporary stage for back garden performance | Source: thespruce.com

For performing arts lovers, nothing might be better than installing a backyard stage. You can build a higher patio using an extensive, floating bench that connects the outdoor space with the interior of the house. If all goes well, every time you have an impromptu performance or want to binge-watch, the stage is always ready to embrace all the family members with lovely surrounding vista.

Modern Gazebo

Glass pergola in the garden | Source: houzz.com

If you have a considerably large backyard, don't hesitate to feature a gazebo, which offers a covered relaxing space. It’s actually a pretty old idea, but you can experiment as freely as you wish to update the gazebo style using the unique design, such as aluminium glassy pergola. The pergola will be a fantastic spot to read a book under a well-designed shade garden. Furthermore, this landscape design trick can rescue you from the ruminating thoughts thanks to the pretty greenery that has been proven to promote well-being.

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Awal Hidayat