The World's Most Unique Eco-Friendly Container Houses


Container houses are a great combination of creativity and sustainability when it comes to way of living. While containers have been used in shipping excessively for decades, designers have repurposed them into dream homes, starting from the mid-2000s. Scroll down to see these upcycled shipping containers across the world that have become a trend of its own.

The Seven Havens, Indonesia

The Seven Havens and its surrounding forest | Source:‌‌

Sitting on a hillside in Lombok, Indonesia, the Seven Havens transforms shipping containers into a luxury residence comprised of four personal rooms and a three-bedroom villa. Designed by Budi Pradono Architects, what's also known as The Clay House is nestled on concrete stilts to rise above lush, green tropical trees, overlooking the Selong Belanak Bay and paddy fields.

Going to the master bedroom, the resident can enjoy an optimal view thanks to a 60-degree tilt that creates a high ceiling and space for a large window.

The pool in The Seven Havens | Source:

PV14, the United States

PV14 viewed from the front | Source:‌‌

Architecture and design practice M Gooden Design created its first project using containers, PV14 in the Old Lake Highlands, Dallas. The owner reached out the team of architects with the carte blance to design a dreamy house. Fourteen upcycled storage containers were turned into a trendy three-storey dwelling. The most interesting space in this home is the living area, which was elevated to get the perfect view and to help the family hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban street.

Joshua Tree Container House, the United States

Starburst-like look of Joshua Tree Container House | Source:

If you’re looking for the most out-of-the-box home shape on the list, the answer goes to the Joshua Tree Container House by Whitaker Studio, located near its namesake national park in California. This eye-catching shipping container house has an approximate area of 195 sqm and three bedrooms. Both the facade and the interior spell “beautiful in white”, which allows the dwelling to stand out from the sandy site. With an eagle's eye, the unique look resembles a starburst that's comparable to an oasis in the desert. Can you picture living in this off-the-grid haven?

Minimalism concept inside Joshua Tree Container House | Source:

Manifesto House, Chile

Manifesto House with mountain view as backdrop | Source:

This Chile residence that James & Mau made for Infiniski is actually a maritime house that stacks three containers into two levels. The Manifesto House makes the most of its mountainous breathtaking views, while the containers adopts green architecture. Approximately 85% of both interior and exterior materials of the 160 sqm dwelling are recycled and eco-friendly. Plus, the wooden panels provide effective natural ventilation system to minimise the need of artificial lighting and air conditioner.

WFH House, China

Eco-friendly WFH House | Source:‌

Constructed by Mads Møller from Arcgency, this 180-sqm shipping container home masks metal with bamboo to give the house a natural appearance that fits the surrounding forest area in Wuxi, China. The plant-covered sloped roof helps maintain the right temperature depending on the season and also filters rainwater to be recycled for flushing and cleaning. In fact, the home is sustainable as it generates more energy than it consumes.

Escape Den, Bangladesh

Great escapade of Escape Den | Source:

As the name suggests, Escape Den is a perfect escapade in Dhaka, Bangladesh, designed by architecture firm River and Rain. Why though? It upcycled four shipping containers into a modern and innovative house. The dwelling endorses openness so sunlight could enter the interior partitions, both for the house occupants and the handsome catkin flowers around the house. Adding to the green foliage of the house is the almond tree in the atrium and vines at the top of the building that undoubtedly give a sense of airiness and help curb the heat from the sun.

Green foliage in Escape Dan | Source:

Grillagh Water, Ireland

Grillagh Water | Source:

Designed by Patrick Bradley Architects, this upcycled shipping container is made of four 14-metre containers built around a steel framework. The top containers are covered in grey metal sheets, while the lower level where the private quarters are, is clad in natural corten steel. The result is a sculptural and char modular home that enjoys a serene location on the Grillagh River banks in Cavan, Ireland, where one can enjoy the stunning landscape of secluded rural countryside. To take full advantage of surrounding view, the open living area at the upper floor is the space you’d like to spend most of your time in.

Urban Rigger, Denmark

Student public housing of Urban Rigger | Source:

If you’re a student in Copenhagen, Denmark, you’d want the chance living inside these affordable student public housing. These are floating shipping containers that have been repurposed into energy-efficient waterfront housing. The work of designer Bjarke Ingels fits 15 studio residences in nine stacked container units arranged in a circle. Each flat roof of the top three containers serves a purpose. One is a terrace, the second one is. a spot for solar panels and the third one is covered in greens.

Located by the Copenhagen Harbour, the housing project can easily be replicated anywhere as long as the water access is available, especially if there’s limited space.

The focal point of Urban Rigger | Source:

South Coast Container House, Australia

South Coast Container House | Source:

Measuring 93 sqm, this four-container home can sleep up to 10 people. It was designed by architectural firm Matt Elkan Architect and sits on a stunning landscape with the South Coast as its background. The eco-friendly project minimises its environmental footprint by avoiding excavating the landscape all together.

The container receives plenty of natural lighting with strategic placing of the shipping containers. The roof is well insulated with natural wool to help regulate indoor temperature. Going inside the edifice, what catches the eye is the industrial-style walls, ceiling, and floor, that are perfectly paired with farmhouse-style sliding doors.

Nice blend of industrial and farmhouse design in South Coast Container House | Source:
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