Home Office Design Tips for the Ultimate WFH Experience


Whatever the reason, working from home is always a good choice. It is scientifically proven that working from home could lead to higher productivity. Less time spent commuting, higher work hours flexibility, lower risk of sickness spreads; the only challenge left is to stay focused. Your workstations need to be set up in the right way to ensure you can keep your focus. Here are some tips on how to set up a home office efficiently to increase your productivity during work from home period.

Separate Your Office

A separate home office | Source: home-designing.com

The first thing you need to figure out when you are setting up a home office is where you’re going to place it. The best option would be a separate room since you need to stay focused during work. A dedicated home office is most effective to withstand distractions. But if you’re short on space, try squeezing your working space in larger rooms such as the living room and master bedroom. Quick tip: use a retractable wall that gives the flexibility of being open or totally closed off as per needed.

Functionality, The Top Priority

Home office with thoughtful furniture | Source: litadirks.com

When it comes to work environment, the main idea is to keep you productive. Now there’s no way you could maintain your productivity when you couldn’t even function. Hence, functionality should come first in mind when choosing what furniture that you’ll use for your home office.

Think of how much storage you’ll need to store your documents, papers and other work-related items, the size of the table, the gadget you’ll use, and the distance from your stations to the nearest electric socket—if you’re going to need one. The bare minimum would be a desk as working surface and shelving for storage. Start from these two, add everything else later when you need it.

Choose the Best Desk

Customized desk and shelving | Source: nevillejohnson.co.uk

One of the cool benefits of having a home office for work from home is that everything can be customized. Having fitted furniture is space-efficient, so it certainly helps especially when you have limited space for your office. Find a local carpenter and ask for a made-to-measure desk. Don’t hesitate to give your own suggestion on the material, shape, and colours.

Invest in Ergonomic Chair

Workstation ergonomics | Source: ergonomichealth.com 

There is a myriad choice of chairs on the market, and you might fall for the ones with quirky design and bold colours. Stop right there. Remember, chances are you’re going to sit for hours, so choose your office chair wisely. Learn the ergonomic standards and guidelines for chairs to avoid having back pain and strained muscles. Guaranteed, your future self will thank you.

Colours for Energy Injection

Home office in blue | Source: thespruce.com

Several scientific studies have shown that colours don’t just change moods but also impact productivity. Bland grey, white, and beige offices induced desperation, sadness, and depression for some people, while low-wavelength colours like calming blue and restful green improve efficiency and focus. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but if you’re one of those who are profoundly affected by colours, make sure you don’t choose the wrong hues and end up decreasing your output.

A splash of yellor for a mini home office | Source: marthastewart.com

A splash of vibrant colours can spark creativity too, especially when you’re working artistic/creative jobs. The colour red is deemed passion inspiring as it is active and intense. Yellow, on the other hand, is said to be the colour of optimism. It is fresh, energetic and can trigger innovation.

Lighting is Key

Home office with natural light | Source: amara.com

Another aspect to consider when setting up a home office is the lighting. We cannot stress this enough, but your office (and your entire home interior in general) needs to have plenty of light. Placing your workstations by the window is a great move to ensure you get maximum natural light. If it is not possible, an adjustable desk lamp will do the trick.

Keep It Fresh and Clean

Organized work surface | Source: shutterfly.com

Do not take this advice for granted. Your home office needs to be kept fresh and clean to help keep you motivated. Organize everything to avoid losing stuff over and over again. When you find your papers and files all over the place covering every inch of your work surface, then it is time to reconsider your storage. Never forget to eliminate clutter—stationery that you no longer use, waste papers from occasional doodling, even those snack wrappers that you always forget to put in the trash can.

Style Up for Personalization

Artworks for home office | Source: awesomedecors.us

When the big staples have already been installed, the next thing to do is to personalize your home office. Style up with accessories. Hang your favourite paint/artwork above your desktop monitor so that you can always look at it every time your eyes are exhausted from looking at the screen for too long. A framed motivational quote works too.

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