Easy Home Decoration Ideas During Self-Quarantine


Feeling bored during the COVID-19 lockdown? Thinking you’re on the verge of Cabin fever? Hold that thought and let’s do some re-decoration instead. No, we’re not going to do something big that costs a fortune. Instead, just the opposite. Here’s how to decorate your home like a pro during self-quarantine without spending too much money.

Change the Mood

It’s rather fascinating how lighting can drastically shift the mood. A change of lighting could alter the whole interior vibe from productive home office to house party in just a few switches. Mind the three basics of interior lighting: general or ambient lighting that illuminates the room uniformly, task lighting for functional purposes such as reading and using desktop, and the last is accent lighting for decoration, adding drama to the room.

Coloured mood lighting | Source: litecraft.co.uk

Play around cool lamp shades to change from cold to warm hues and vice versa. For a low-budget DIY trick, use coloured parchment papers. Wrap them around each (preferably smart) lightbulb to change the hues. It’s easy, affordable, and fun!

For the Artistic Ones

Having several old paintings just lying around somewhere in the corner? Now is the perfect moment to pick them up, dust them off, and hang them on your bare walls. Even better, put your own paintings to light—who else is going to see them during self-quarantine other than you? And don’t even think of feeling ashamed, art is art!

Hang artworks | Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Paintings are not the only option. You have plenty of spare time, so why not browse for a super cool graphic design on the net? Print it out as large as your printer allows you, find an available frame and hang it up! Feel free to put some exciting wall art anywhere—even the kitchen.

Kondo It All Like A Boss

Ever heard of Marie Kondo? She invented the infamous KonMari method to organize things. It’s time to learn her guide and start decluttering your home like a boss. It’s a perfect way to kill time, create harmony and allow positive energy to flow in you.

Do yourself a favor, learn the KonMari method | Source: thespruce.com

Your Personal Wall of Fame

Being locked up in your home for some time could make you feel sentimental, so perhaps the only way out is to visit past beautiful memories. Scroll through your phone storage to find iconic photos of you and your family and friends. Print as many as you want and stick them onto a narrow wall. Now you have your own wall of fame!

Personal photo wall | Source: ixxiyourworld.com

Bring Out The Antiques

Schedule one day to raid the storeroom, you’ll find old treasures to showcase. Remember that Matryoshka doll that you got from visiting Russia a few years ago? Beer stein from a friend in Germany? Japanese ceramics set from a co-worker? Place them all in your living room as conversation-making home decoration.

Beer steins | Source: atlasobscura.com 

A Photo A Day Keeps The Boredom Away

The whole COVID-19 pandemic is a historic event in itself, and it will definitely go away after some time. Keep memories of self-quarantine in a dedicated scrapbook and place it in the living room so you can always be reminded of how it feels like in the future. Capture yourself and your family each day and get creative at it. Whether you want to show the gloomy side of the pandemic or the fun side of self-quarantine, it’s all up to you!

Scrapbooking is fun and good for the mind | Source: etsy.com

Do Some Fun Painting

If painting the whole house seems too daunting, you can still play with colours by painting your old kitchen cabinet fronts for a small facelift. A fresh coat of colour here and there could always lift the mood. Even better, you’ll get the impression of kitchen upgrade when in reality, you only did the bare minimum—and it costs much less!

Paint your cabinet doors | Source: bhg.com

Perfect the Imperfections

Some walls can be very awkward, like those bed nooks under the stairs. Cover them up with patterned wallpaper. It works too for concealing wall stains and marks.

Patterned wallpaper is a fail-safe move | Source: serenanadlily.com 

Mount Floating Shelves

It’s never too late to add extra storage space. Tools and utensils tend to pile up while space remains the same. To overcome this situation, install a few floating shelves anywhere you need, from the bedroom to kitchen. This way, slanted walls turn into a storage-savvy space for your excess goods.

Floating shelves for kitchen | Source: homestolove.co.nz

Go Green

Adding nature inside will never go wrong. Not only does it liven up the room and purify the air, it also adds a pop of colour and texture to the interior. From heartleaf plant to succulents, most houseplants don’t need much water.

Bring nature in | Source: housebeautiful.com

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