Easy Ways to Make a Living Room Office for Your WFH Days


It is fun working from home every once in a while, shifting from the office to your home sweet home. But if you're left with no option but to work from home for some time—for example, during a pandemic—then you need to consider making room for a designated home office. It this is not possible either, try squeezing an office into your living room, as it's most likely the largest space you have in your house. It's not difficult to implement a sleek office interior design to your living room.

Layout Change

A simple furniture re-arrangement could create the space needed for a home office. Place the sofa against the widest wall and then put a desk on its place. You'll find square footage in the centre of the space. The room feels open and airy now. Bye-bye cramped living room!

Layout change for a sleek living room office | Source: suader.com 

Consider Desk/Shelving Combo

Let's say you're residing in a small apartment studio and you're particularly short on space, or you have too many furniture in your house and you can't decide which to get rid of. Fret not; you can still have a workstation using desk/shelving combo. A compact wall shelving unit will do. Complement the newly found working space with your favourite chair. Now you have an organized space-savvy workstation that is both stylish and multifunctional.

Desk/shelving combo for small space office | Source: westelm.com

Make Use of Neglected Space

We all know the trick to create an intimate living room: moving the sofa away from the wall. But what about the space it left? Here's a tip about office interior design: since the area behind the sofa is frequently left vacant, why not use it as a home office nook? Place an office desk as big as the space allows you. Get creative, you can either match the work area with the living room decor or create visual separation with a completely different look. If you're one with a penchant for harmony, then the first option is definitely more suitable.

Work area behind the sofa | Source: digsdigs.com

Mini Work Corner

For those whose work essential is a laptop/notebook, a small dedicated area is all they need. Try tucking a small table into an available corner in your living room. This is an excellent option for busy living rooms. The adults can focus on work while occasionally watching the kids playing close by. You can even make it as a permanent living room office!

Source: gearpatrol.com

Creative Separation

Staying focused is crucial to maintain productivity. Avoid visual distractions by stacking a pile of books as a DIY room divider between the work area and the rest of the living room. This office interior design is a satisfying solution for those who get diverted easily. It is also a chic way to get rid of the books that you've finished reading and no longer need.

Bookshelf can be used as room divider | Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Line It Up

Another way to make use of neglected space behind the sofa is to line up multiple desks along the wall to establish working space for multiple family members. By doing so, you can give the kids a designated study space that you can further decorate with matching chairs and desks. Or you can use it together with your partner as an alternative for two separate home offices.

Shared office/study area | Source: modsy.com

Home Office Nook

If small space on the corner of the living room is all you've got, try setting up a space-efficient home office nook. Make it interesting with floating shelves and a desk. Pay attention to the desk size when choosing which one to use so it could fit the available space perfectly. Hang up a bold artwork to add a visual point to the office interior design.

Small office corner | Source: marthastewart.com

By the Window

A bright office makes work routine much more bearable. The ultimate way to achieve it is to put your desk directly by the window. Not only does it grant you maximum light for working, this office interior design cheat also provides a dynamic view from the outdoors. This is especially fantastic for those who get bored easily.

Living room office by the window | Source: thespruce.com

DIY Workstation

Sitting all day long is nowhere good for your health. Consider assembling a DIY bar height desk from available planks and shelf brackets on your living room corner. This way, you'll have the luxury to switch between standing and sitting down during work. When you're standing, the desk would still be ergonomic thanks to its height. Just remember that you're going to need bar stools instead of regular chairs.

Bar height table for stand workstation | Source: abeautifulmess.com

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