The Essential Guide for a Perfect Retro Style


For someone who loves and lives in the past, nothing is more admirable in the design realm than retro style. Retro interior design promotes bright and colourful vibes, endorsing freedom and peace, as the sign of the post-war period in the sixties or so. The “throwback” design has received massive hype since its comeback across the world. Don’t be late to the party, read this guide to incorporate retro style in your home decor.

Let The Vibrant Colours Shine In

A splash of colour in a retro living room | Source:

First things first, you can start utilising the retro-sixties design using the eye-catching colour mixes at any area; from the living room, bedroom, bathroom, to even your kitchen. Let the red, yellow, green, and blue ornaments meet each other in your living space to make it even livelier. A bright sofa can be complemented by colourful pillows to show off the cheerful vibes. Not to mention, you may place a catchy rug or carpet on the floor that will suit the free-thinker preferences.

The turquoise kitchen with a checkerboard floor tile pattern | Source:

In your kitchen, you may paint the vintage cabinets and refrigerator into the blue turquoise theme to create a retro-styled atmosphere. For the wall, mint paint is just right as the perfect background, while the black-green checkerboard tiles for flooring could give a contrast look.

Funky Lighting

Lighting is essential when it comes to a touch of retro style. There are a plethora of lighting styles to illuminate your throwback moment in your room. From metal ceiling pendants in white, vintage miners lantern pendants with clear glass, to metal arc floor lamps, each retro lighting may leave you reminiscing the good old days. Try using the Sputnik Chandelier to add a quirky character from the 1950s.

Sputnik Chandelier for an elegant look in retro design | Source:

Pop Art Gallery

The gallery wall of pop art | Source:

It’s a bit hard to talk about retro design, not to mention the great artworks of pop-art style. At its peak of popularity during the 1960s, Andy Warhol and other prominent artists produced notable pieces of art, including celebrity portrait reproductions and soup or ketchup advertisement posters. In this comeback era, to envision the retro-sixties without Marilyn Monroe's diptychs is like “a hook without a bait”. It eventually will produce a suitable supplement for the retro-style inside your home.

The Diptychs of Marilyn Monroe as the focal point | Source:

Retro Eccentric Wall

The eclectic installation of vintage globes and school desks | Source:

For those who think that pop art is overrated, we have another feature that might charm you. The collection of vintage school desks and archaic globes here and there are beyond what you can imagine, right? Its eccentric and bizarre look will display how cool your room could be.

Vintage Leather Lounge

The marigold leather lounge to offer a warm atmosphere inside the retro room | Source:

If you're looking for timeless materials for your sofa or lounge, leather is a great choice. It has long been known to decorate an intimate and welcoming living room. The vintage look of a leather modular is also available in various styles and colours. But we’re truly in love with this marigold sofa to bring cosiness with a stylish look.

Hanging Cane Swing

Bamboo swing chair to relax inside the retro-styled space | Source:

If you really want to embrace retro style, try to hang a vintage bamboo swing. Not only does it escalate the aesthetics of retro chic, but cane swings also emanate a welcoming feeling and provides you a safe haven to sit for hours. Oh did we mention that a faux fur blanket will make it even more comforting? Plus, you are always welcome to add a boho pillow for a retro twist effect.

Sandstone Cladding

The natural sandstone cladding reinforces the natural look | Source:

Sandstone walls were an extremely popular choice around the sixties and seventies. Now, you can recreate your floor-to-ceiling wall using sandstone cladding to reflect the natural and breezy ambiance. It’s also a great way to prevent the dull and monotonous effect in your living space as concrete walls tend to offer. Much more impressive, right?

Statement Wallpaper

Greenery wallpaper with a touch of real plants | Source:

Here’s another quintessential way to exemplify the retro style in your wall. Feature your wall with bold and colourful wallpaper. Statement wallpaper never goes out of style, for sure. The best thing about it is you can match your personality with wallpaper to cover your space. Consider colourful floral wall covering to showcase the sparkling spirit within your soul. A repetitive pattern could also style up the interior and keep the boredom away, like the bike motif shows below.

Bicycle wallpaper for retro and cycling fans | Source:

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Awal Hidayat