Top 9 Stunning Modern Scandinavian House Designs


Scandinavians truly embody the “not too much, not too little” philosophy in the pursuit of happiness. Even in Scandinavian house design, they live in dwellings where neutral colours, simplistic style, and minimalism is at its finest. If you’re in search for home design that promotes beauty in simplicity, then you’re on the right track as below are a selection of gorgeously modern Scandinavian houses anyone would love to own or recreate.

House for Mother, Sweden

House for Mother | Source:

When designing this dwelling, Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning brings family home as the main theme. It’s surely perfect for mothers as the name suggests, evoking warm vibes throughout. Furthermore, this welcoming impression is intensified by the bright, corrugated aluminium façade. The same tone extends upon entering the spaces within the house, adorned with a natural wood interior wall and a few furniture pieces. For flooring, polished concrete comes as a surprise and adds the touch of industrial home décor.

House for Mother | Source:

Villa N1, Sweden

Villa N1 | Source:

Situated on the west coast of Sweden, Jonas Lindvall exquisitely designed the villa with the most striking element of a farmhouse, wooden barn theme. A gable roof topped this summer house, still applying the wood materials. Indeed, the 190 m2 single-storey house is entirely made of lumber. The five volumes of the house look stunning, arranged in a sequence to separate the master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, and living room. Modernism meets Swedish architecture is also depicted brilliantly when entering the home. Instead of all-wood furnishings, the interior designer also featured marble elements to still find the beauty in simple things.

Plus House, Sweden

Plus House | Source:

Architect Claesson Koivisto Rune designed this home and successfully showed that Sweden is totally the home of prehab houses. The first thing visitors would see when encountering The Plus House is how it’s blanketed in wood with a vertical orientation and some glazed windows, as well as doors. That’s why this prehab two-storey house could allow the daylight to penetrate into a plus-shape in the upper floor. Well, now you know how this house gets its name.

Plus House | Source:

Square House Veierland, Norway

Square House Veierland | Source:

Designed to "pay tribute to traditional Norway Archipelago aesthetics”, this simple house is covered by vertical dark wood as the exterior wall. As a subtle result, it transcends a sense of nature amidst a serenely pine forest. Situated far away from modernity, the house designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter reflects what the out-of-the-woods home looks like to the fullest. The void in the focal point of the house brings a significant effect, in which the pine tree is centrally located and acts like a natural division among four sides of the square house.

Cabin Vindheim, Norway

Cabin Vindheim | Source:

In charge of constructing the house, Vardehaugen proves the fact that there’s something so tempting and relaxing about Scandinavian houses. Built in alpine forests in Norway, Cabin Vindheim is one of organic architecture's best examples. This residence is enveloped in black, using black-stained pine and long windows. The long opening allows dwellers to gaze into the woods and the fabulous aurora.

Project Ö, Finland

Project Ö | Source:

The green design of this summer cabin house on the west coast of Finland is one of a kind. Fully clad with wooden planks, this house by Finnish designers Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki is self sufficient, thanks to the solar panels on the gabled roofs. Also, it supplies its own water for the shower, bath, dishwasher and laundry using the sea water filter system. The best place for a hideaway, it features large windows that enable dwellers to view the stunning landscape of the sea and land. Going inside the home, the minimalist scene is visible through its simple interior design and furnishings, mostly using black or pastel-coloured wooden materials, from seatings, dining table, to cabinets.

Project Ö | Source:

Villa K, Finland

Villa K | Source:

Finnish studios Mer Architects and Ettala Palomeras Architects collaborated to design Villa K, a home perched on the cliff in the coastal area of Spjutsund, Finland. Looking from the outside, the house is constructed stunningly as concrete walls match with the scenery of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish woods. During winter, the elevated rear façade looks lovely against the snow that blankets the exterior of the residence. Going inside the building, all you could see is modern contemporary design with idyllic combinations of timber material for some essentials, seamless brick wall, and glazed porcelain floor tile. Undoubtedly, we never tire of Scandinavian house to live and love for home inspiration.

Villa K | Source:

Reykjavik House, Iceland

Reykjavik House | Source:

Reykjavik House is a house located in the capital city of the country. It’s a sleek modern and minimalist space with fine panoramic views towards the landscape. Sitting alone, the exterior white wall and glazing blends incredibly with the surrounding nature. What’s more, the full glazing can slide open and closed, allowing to reveal windows during the summer, or closed off during the colder seasons. Different from the plain and simple white in the exterior, the interior comprises of four sections: the garage, master bedroom, living room and children's area, which features the birch wood accents.

Danish Summer House, Denmark

Danish Summer House | Source:

The last of our compilation of top modern Scandinavian houses is the Danish Summer House, a summer home in the south west of Denmark. Surrounded by breathtaking views, the house sits intimately on the secluded island of Fanø. Prominent architect Knud Holscher along with Tollgård Design Group installed floor-to-ceiling windows to frame the surrounding nature and sunlight. Also, the neutral palette-theme from the exterior to the furniture endorses the modern and minimalist design.

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