9 Design Ideas for Your Bedroom-Office Combo (2020)


When you have no option but to work from home, you’re left to work with what you have. Some might already have a dedicated home office in their residence, but the rest must get creative with their limited space. While a separated workspace is ideal, those who are short on space can opt for a bedroom-office combo. Thorough planning needs to be done to aim for maximum productivity. Luckily for you, setting up a bedroom office isn’t as complicated as you’d think. Here are some creative office design ideas that you can set up in your bedrooms!

Office Corner

Bedroom office corner | Source: morethantoast.org

Corners in larger rooms could always be filled with big furniture such as cabinet and sofa, but in bedrooms, they are frequently left unused and empty. Avoid this awkwardness by setting up a drafting table and adding a cool desk lamp to make it chic. After all, grey padded cubicles are not the only way to office.

Murphy Beds for The Win!

Guest room/office combo with Murphy bed | Source: onekindesign.com 

If you have more time on your hands, make use of guest rooms by installing pull-out wall beds a.k.a. Murphy beds inside of a cupboard. When not in use, it is concealed so you can freely put workstations on its place. Voila! Now you have an instant dedicated office. It's a good alternative to using your laptop in bed.

Nightstand Replacement

Office desk as nightstand | Source: Instagram @westelm

Beds and nightstands almost always coexist. But is it required to have a nightstand beside your bed? Well, the truth is, it is nice to have but not quite a must. Especially when you are in dire need of space, you can always forgo a nightstand and opt for a compact office desk instead. Complete it with a comfy wing back chair—or any chair, really. Personalize your office design by adding accessories that you love. It’s both fun and space-efficient.

Translucent Door for Privacy

Bedroom and office separated by translucent door | Source: decoist.com

For some people, privacy (and probably secrecy) while working is at numero uno in their priority list. If you’re one of these people, it would be a great idea to separate the space with a translucent door. Not only it fulfils your work demand, it also brings in natural light. Now you no longer work and sleep in the same room.

Scandinavian Functionality

Scandinavian bedroom-office combo | Source: apartmenttherapy.com

If minimalism is your thing, try the failsafe Scandinavian office design. In this classic style, room and furniture are stripped down to the basic essential, which is functionality. It is also worth noting that Scandinavian furniture are mostly made of natural materials, so it’s safe to say that you’re still going to feel relaxed while working in such organized aesthetic.

Multipurpose Furniture

Pull out desk/bed combo | Source: noaandnani.co.uk

Another trick to setting an office in a limited bedroom space is using multipurpose furniture such as sleep station with a built-in pull out desk. It can be risky, however, to merge two furniture into one. You’ll have to be mindful not to slack off. When your work is done, quickly close your laptop and remove all work-related items until the next working hours—especially if you use an end table to work and dine.

Bedroom Office with A View

A bedroom offcie with a view! | Source: trendir.com

For the lucky ones with bedrooms overlooking nature, the best way to create an ultimate bedroom/office design is to put the desk by huge windows. Here, you can easily draw inspiration while looking at the breathtaking view outside as if you’re actually working outdoors.

Open Shelving Cheat

Open shelving for bedroom office | Source: freshome.com

This is not restricted to bedroom/office design combo, but using open floating shelves will surely help to maximize your limited bedroom space. Keep the shelves expanding upwards instead of outwards. Store your academic reports, work papers, books and family albums inside folders and stack them to make everything look neat. What’s more interesting is that you could always make DIY wood shelves to cut your budget.

Walk-in-Closet-Turned-Office Design

Closet office space | Source: decoist.com

Not everyone has a walk-in-closet inside their bedroom, but if you are one, consider repurposing it into a home office space. It creates a visual separation, gives you a sense of solitude that you probably yearn for, and when you’re not using it, you won’t even see it.

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