Cool Trends in Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles (2020)


Summer without cooling off in the beach is a hard pill to swallow during the COVID-19 pandemic. But enjoying leisure time in your own swimming pool at home can be just as much of a tranquil experience as swimming in the sea. To help you install the most stunning swimming pool, keep up with these trends and staying at home might be less frustrating after all.

Infinity Pools

The stunning pool in Hanging Gardens of Bali | Source: Indonesia Design Magazine Vol. X No. 57

Popular for creating the most dramatic impression, infinity pools are the real definition of design’s magic and charm. Not all homes are fit for this design, though. The vanishing-edge pools are perfect for houses that face a stunning landscape of the sea, river, lake, ridge, or even nearby cityscapes. Eventually, when you’re swimming in your own minimalist edgeless pool, be prepared for the exciting neighbouring vista blending into your property.

Vanishing-edge pools | Source:

Above Ground Pool

Pool in the Twilight | Source:

For the low-budget option, the above ground type is the most affordable choice and that’s why it has become what many families choose when building a pool. Generally, these easy-to-install-and-move pools include a plastic lining or metal frame. But in the last few years or so, above-ground pools have significantly changed for the better in terms of features and appearances, adorned with patio dining sets or even string light decorations.

Indoor Pool

Beach Club in the House | Source:

This is the name that is given to a pool that is constructed within a wall and roof sealed space inside a dwelling. Equip it with cabanas as well as daybeds, and you can truly bring beach vibes to your home. Another clever hack to bring a more striking design is to try installing underwater lights to add a pop of colour to your pool.

Underwater light in the pool | Source:<span class="-mobiledoc-kit__atom">‌‌</span>

Beach Entry Pools

Natural zero-entry pool | Source:

Beach entry pools, otherwise known as zero-entry pools, is a swimming pool style that resembles the beach setting. All you need to do to make the most out of it is to form the entry area in the shape of a gradual slope into the pool instead of steps to walk down. For more a convincing sensation, add a few natural elements, such as sand, stone or concrete. Zero-entry pools are a great fit for kids, elderly, and physically disabled to enjoy the pool without the fear of stumbling upon the stairs when entering.

Sleek and tranquil beach entry pool | Source:

Saltwater Pool

Ocean-like Saltwater Pool | Source:

Contrary to the chlorine-sanitised pool, saltwater pools use salt instead of chlorine. You won't notice a difference in appearance with a saltwater pool as it’s basically like any pool, only it's built with a saltwater chlorine generator. However, you won't be bothered by a heavy chlorine smell any more, and subsequently it could lower the risk of skin and eye irritation. In addition, saltwater pools cost less than actual chlorine pools since you don’t need to buy chemicals to put on regularly.

Lap Pool

In-ground Luxurious Lap Pool | Source:

Exercise from home is highly recommended during this hard time, and a fun and entertaining to do so is by swimming in a lap pool. Indeed, a lap pool is installed for health and fitness reasons. It’s typically long and narrow; it could be up to 25 meters long if the site gets that much space available. For the pool depth, it should be approximately 2 meters deep if you want to dive in from one end and allow you to tumble turn.


Soothing spa and pool | Source:

The “spool” term is a portmanteau that came from the combination of spa and pool. Now you can imagine what it aims for based on the pretty much self-explanatory phrase. You guessed it correctly, spool is a sort of pool for the sake of relaxation and unwinding. Here, a spool is equipped with jets that produce a swirling current against which to splash around. The temperature should be kept down, as it will cause you to feel uncomfortable and weary more easily if you are doing laps when it’s too hot. Don't worry, you can always set the temperature, heat it up whenever you're yearning for a spa-like sensation.

Swim-up Bar

Tropical pool bar | Source:

As we’re desperately yearning to get away from the C-monster uncertainty, here’s the thing we all need; an aesthetically-pleasing site at home. A swim-up bar can bring comfort and enjoyment right into your home more conveniently. You can place the built-in seating area or barstools and customise the design to match with your existing pool. Afterwards, just relax and begin to groove with the tropical atmosphere in the air.

Architectural pool

Modern and minimalist house with architectural pool | Source:

As the name suggests, architectural pools are pools constructed to beautify the lines of the home. That’s why noble structure and form along with the materials are echoed to the house itself. So if you’re thinking of building a new house or performing home improvement, this pool type might be the perfect option. The architectural pool is often geometric, modern, and stylish. Eventually, it could impregnate your dwelling with a sophisticated look and satisfying feeling thanks to the professional pool designers who play an important role to make it happen.

Architectural pool inside an opulent modernist house in Jakarta | Source: Indonesia Design Magazine VOL XV NO. 86/2018

Part of this article was originally published in the Indonesia Design edition titled "Tropical Designs", vol 10, no. 57 in 2013 and "Defining Luxury", vol XV no. 86 in 2018.

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