10 Walk-In Closet Design Ideas That Just Make Sense


For those of you who invest your money in fashion pieces, we bet a walk-in closet is a feature you'd love to have in your dream home. Clever storage and closet solutions along with smart decorating ideas are necessary to keep everything organised, so you could now look forward to dressing up in the morning.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Neat

Minimalist Walk In Closet | Source: pinterest.com

You can never go wrong with minimalist style in every part of your house, including your wardrobe. Going for a minimalist design will give you a fresher and more organised look through simple solutions. Use an entire wall space to hang your fashion collections, and yes, a neutral colour palette is always the way to go for a faultless look. Since this style of wardrobe exposes most of your belongings, you are better off displaying only the essential pieces and storing other items in the walk-in closet to achieve a decluttered look.

Contemporary Walk In Closet | Source: archinect.com

If you have more space, elevate your aesthetics with a great combination of symmetry, clean lines, and proper lighting. Think floor-to-ceiling modern cabinetry paired with plenty of artificial lighting to make it easier for you to find your outfit of the day.

Skylight in the Ceiling

Skylight in Walk In Closet | Source: coodecor.com

If you prefer natural daylight to save energy, you could situate your closet in a space with lots of windows. An even better option is a skylight. This would be a great benefit for low-ceiling spaces, but works even better for high ceilings. A skylight gives the illusion of a higher ceiling and give the sensation that you're in an outdoor spot. It also does wonders for the visual appeal of your space and your electricity bill.

Three Panel Mirror

Three Panels Mirrors in Walk In Closet | Source: housebeautiful.com‌‌

It goes without saying that a three panel mirror in your dressing room is covetable. We've seen three panel mirrors in bridal dressing rooms and always think they're a good idea, so why not have one at home? The perk of having this full-length mirror is you can see how you look from every angle. Not to mention that mirrors would help give the illusion of a larger room.

Ensuite Bathroom

Closet and Bathroom Combo | Source: home-designing.com

Everybody knows that creativity runs wild when you’re in the bathroom. Now to bring it to the next level, you could form a private sanctuary in your ensuite bathroom by designing it so it connects with a walk-in closet. What you'll find is it would be much more convenient to dress for the day or for bed after taking a relaxing shower.

Closet-Laundry Combo

Closet and Laundry Room Combo | Source: familyhandyman.com

Ever think how laundry days could be made easier? Perhaps this inspiration might help you - why not design your laundry room to be within proximity of your wardrobe? You could throw your dirty laundry in the stackable washer and dryer and pick a new outfit for the day, stored just steps away from where you are.

Island or Peninsula

Closet island | Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Islands or peninsulas have their own merits and demerits in a closet. Islands could provide storage space, including storing your accessories in a stack of drawers, but they tend to occupy a lot of floor space.

Closet peninsula | Source: pinterest.com

Meanwhile, taller and narrower peninsulas that divide a closet into two zones might be a better choice for smaller rooms. They would not offer you the same accessory space as an island, but would be easier to keep neat. If you have the space, why not choose both?

Vanity for Sanity

Makeup Table in Walk In Closet | Source: jeanielanz.com

As skincare routines are an important part of looking and feeling good, it's an essential part of our morning routine when getting ready. It just makes sense to have a makeup table or a vanity section in a walk-in closet. You can now keep your beauty products organised and a step away from your clothes.

Keep the Dust Away

Glass Doors in Walk In Closet | Source: hgtv.com

Want to keep your clothing dust-free? Cabinets with glass doors will definitely do wonders compared to open air storage solutions. You can still keep your items visible through the glass to ease your outfit-choosing process. As a cherry on top, install a small chandelier to elevate the look and feel of your glam walk-in closet.

Unity in Diversity

Variety in Walk In Closet | Source: home-designing.com

Talking about variety in the closet, “the more the merrier” adage rings true. When there are various types, textures and colours of garments and accessories, you could mismatch the interior with different kinds of seats, shelves, and cubbies. Choose the right mirror and you now have a splendid dressing room.

Garden Amidst your Garments

Greenery in Walk In Closet | Source: ikea.com

Adding some plants (fake or real) to your closet would help soothe the atmosphere and bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Start small with a vase of flowers if you don’t have much space, but larger leafy indoor plants would work best if your dressing room is more spacious. If you don't have a lot of floor space, consider getting hanging plants for your walk-in closet.

From an Attic to a Closet

Walk In Closet in Attic | Source: customcreations.furniture

Don't have space for a walk-in closet that's close to your bathroom, vanity area or bedroom? If you have an attic, there is still a way! Put in some work in your attic and transform it into a room where you could strut your day-to-day outfit. Make sure to install bespoke shelving units, drawers and hanging space all throughout the space to maximise the available area.

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