CitraLake Villa: A Truly Lakefront Villa in the City

CitraLake Villa: A Truly Lakefront Villa in the City


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono

Where in the bustling city of Jakarta can you find a lakefront villa that allows you to enjoy an enhanced quality of life? CitraLake Villa introduces a new standard of living with its limited 28 units offered in a secure gated community that spans 5.2 hectares of natural surroundings. Each residence features a stunning green panorama with picturesque water views, providing a true lakefront villa experience within the city.

In a densely populated city where the quality of life is declining by the day, the idea of having a modern home built on the shore of a serene lake, amidst natural tranquillity, may seem unattainable. However, CitraLake Villa is here to change that perception and set a high standard for family life within a bustling metropolis.

Located in West Jakarta’s Citra 6 and seamlessly connected to many township developments, this lakeside establishment offers a tranquil oasis where abundant greenery and pristine lake views will undoubtedly enhance your sense of contentment.

CitraLake Villa stands on a 135-square-metre plot of land, with a building size of 336 square metres spread across four floors, including the basement. This development comprises 28 units, all of which have been designed by Hadi Vincent. The interior of the display unit has been decorated by Hadiprana, with a ‘spacious concept’ theme. Each house’s layout has been meticulously crafted to provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy tranquil vistas.

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Budiarsa Sastrawinata, managing director of Ciputra Group, explained that the presence of CitraLake Villa provides consumers with the luxury homes they deserve, whilst promoting a sense of wellbeing. “Ciputra Group frequently incorporates eco-friendly designs and greenery surroundings into its developments by considering various factors such as wind direction and sunlight, resulting in homeowners saving more electricity and embracing an environmental culture,” Budiarsa said.

He further emphasised that CitraLake sets a new standard for luxury living. In addition, ensuring adequate infrastructure for residents and maintaining continuous project development are integral parts of the development, hence offering buyers added value to their property investment.

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Energy Saving Technology

All units in CitraLake Villa feature the Toyota Housing roof system, which has been used in Japan for over 35 years. This roof system utilises bituminous membranes and is well- known for its leak resistance. With a layer of cement board, the roof system also functions as a heat trap from the sunlight.

Another premium specification applied by CitraLake Villa is the Nexsta aluminum windows and doors from YKK, specifically designed to fit the tropical climate in Indonesia. This technology boasts the ability to withstand wind loads, provide waterproof functions, and offer sound insulation. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan.

CitraLake Villa is equipped with the innovative Neorest toilet series from TOTO. This advanced toilet features various cutting-edge functionalities, such as automated opening and closing of the seats and covers, seat warmers, and integrated dryers. This toilet can even self-clean the interior of the bowl through the use of a remote control.

Energy saving is a primary advantage of residing in CitraLake Villa. All houses are equipped with rooftop solar panels, solar water heaters, and Sunergy Low E Glass.

Smart Home Systems

The houses at CitraLake Villa features a variety of premium specifications, including imported marble, potable water, and the European standard EN81 and SNI Schindler house elevator system. The comfort and well-being of the residents are further enhanced by the presence of Panasonic CAMS (Complete Air Management Systems), which is an integrated air solution designed specifically for residential use. This advanced system combines air conditioning, ventilation, and remote-controlled indoor air quality management. Using their smartphones, residents can conveniently control the AC and ventilation settings from anywhere. Moreover, each house is equipped with an ERV ventilation system that effectively filters polluted air, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment. In addition, there is an indoor air quality (IAQ) remote control to automatically regulate and maintain optimal air quality.

The technology of an intelligent home system supports home security through various features, such as smart door lock technology, intercommunication, panic buttons, and CCTV. Each type is sophisticatedly designed with state-of- the-art interior and modern technology systems, so as to enhance the already outstanding features. CitraLake Villa takes pride in the quality and innovative attributes of its houses.

Some of the technologies provided are Connectivity & Control implemented through Routers Access Points, smart devices that promote an energy- efficient lifestyle using features like smart switches, and smart plugs that can be automatically set. This smart home system technology not only enhances convenience but also makes the residents feel secure. Also, they will benefit from a smart door lock, intercom, panic button, and CCTV system.

The Facilities

CitraLake Villa offers a perfect blend of luxury and convenience. Within the community, residents can enjoy a range of amenities, including a 1.5-kilometre jogging track, a swimming pool, an outdoor yoga area, benches by the lake, and a gym and fitness centre. It truly serves as an oasis of wellness for its residents.

The development’s location is another advantage, as CitraLake Villa provides easy access from JORR 1, JORR 2, and Prof. Dr. Sedyatmo toll roads. In the CitraGarden City area, residents can find additional amenities such as the Family Club, an outdoor fitness centre, and

a variety of culinary outlets, including the Citra Food Festival. The area also many supermarkets, a bicycle lane, and a pedestrian walking lane. Moreover, the township has a range of schools from kindergarten to high school, as well as Ciputra Hospital that provides health facilities.

FineHomes Signature

CitraLake Villa is a part of Finehomes Signature, as described by Nararya Ciputra Sastrawinata, director of Ciputra Group. He explained, “Finehomes Signature is designed for those who truly appreciate the art of living. These residences are limited in number and exemplify exquisite design, and utilising high-quality materials to offer residents unparalleled luxury and sophistication.” The villas embody the essence of luxury, hence redefining elegance and style whilst promoting a healthy standard of living.

Thee Development of CitraGarden City

CitraGarden City Jakarta, which was the first project developed by Ciputra Residence in 1984, has earned recognition as West Jakarta’s pioneering major town development. Throughout the years, CitraGarden City has undergone a remarkable transformation from a rural housing complex to a contemporary, sustainable living space, expanding into a fully integrated 450-hectare new town. Presently, it proudly features around 10,000 residential units with an occupancy rate of 90 per cent, accommodating up to 50,000 inhabitants.

Among the recent additions to the Ciputra Group’s portfolio is Sunset Avenue, which is a part of the CitraGarden 8 project. This property will serve as the hub for culinary and lifestyle experiences. The properties built in this area will boast an alfresco concept, allowing customers to relish the breath-taking views of the lake and the lush green surroundings.

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