Clever Design Hacks for the Laundry Room


Doing laundry might be your least favourite routine but to help you have fun during a mundane chore, we’re here to uncover some incredible, practical laundry room decorating tricks.

Maximise All You Can Do

Laundry cabinet in bedroom | Source:

Start with transforming your laundry room into a comfort space where you can indulge in various pleasing activities while you wait for your laundry cycle. From brewing coffee to a private mini bar, this hidden cabinet can serve multiple purposes right beside your stacked washer-dryer. Another good news is that this farmhouse design trick is easy to apply as long as you have the built in space.

Hang In There

Hanging space for washed clothing | Source:

Don't waste any space! That’s why you have to effectively organise any unused wall space. Here’s one clever idea, utilise a tension rod (or upcycled shower curtain holder) and mount it between walls to make a perfect spot for a row of freshly dryed or ironed clothes.

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Playful Paint

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With the right paint comes a certain kind of feeling. If you somewhat stuffy inside your laundry room, why not choose a fun colour for the wall to uplift the atmosphere. When used in the right ways, flamingo or lavender pink shades could pamper your eyes and help boost your moods while doing the chores. Laundry doesn't look so daunting now.

Versatile Island

Multi-purpose island in laundry room | Source:

Think of the all-purpose island you have in your kitchen. Why not add this space-saving feature inside laundry room? The multifunctional laundry room island is a great fit for those who want to declutter because it serves three purposes all at once: it can be used as an ironing board, a folding table, and clothing storage.

Laundry in a Hallway

Do chores in hallway |Source:

If you live inside a tiny home, you might be pondering how to design your laundry room. No worries, a hallway is enough to make it as efficient and functional as possible to complete your daily routine. Turn an aisle, a closet or landing nook into a compact laundry corner. It will be easily accessible and pleasantly out of sight when you’re done if you install doors.

Hidden laundry room | Source:

Under the Stairs

Laundry room under the stairs | Source:

Let’s take your laundry space to the next level. Convert the triangular space underneath a staircase into a small laundry area. For extra storage, make use of the vertical space by installing simple shelves to hold rug baskets for dirty clothes and wire storage for your detergents. If all goes well, you’ll fancy for this beauty in simplicity design.

Laundry and Closet in Tandem

Laundry in walk-in closet | Source:

This nifty trick is just perfect for those who crave for functional, well-organised laundry room. Bring your essential laundry appliances into walk-in closet to switch effortlessly between completing chores and dressing. Just make sure to neatly sort the the shirts, shoes, bags, and all your collections in different shelves.

Washing machine in between the closet | Source:

Laundry-Bathroom Combo

Laundry room in bathroom | Source:

Still facing difficulties to find space for your laundry room? But you definitely have a space for bathroom, right? That's your solution. You could borrow your calm bathroom vibes of relaxation while you do your laundry. It would be even better — and the environment will thank you — if you could recycle any water used for the toilet flush!

The Sandwiched Shelf

Unique shelf to pull in and out | Source:

Small space might be an issue for storage in laundry room. With that being said, you experiment with unique furniture ideas, such a pull-out drawer in between washing machines. This makes a brilliant storage idea to put your laundry room essentials: bleach, detergent, softener, conditioner, or whatsoever. If this isn't possible, a utility cart would also be an ideal choice.

Vertical shelf for laundry room essentials | Source:

Play with Light

The duet of artifical light and natural light from the glazed window | Source:

Science has proven that a sufficient amount of light could boost mood and energy level. Install a glass facade or window to allow the sunlight to come inside. But if this isn't possible, you can be creative with your artificial lighting fixtures. From pendant lights hanging from the ceiling to countertop lighting, there are a lot to choose from to make your laundry days brighter.

Under cabinet lighting for laundry room | Source:

Artwork on the Wall

Artwork inside laundry room | Source:

Landscape art or modern painting in laundry room will make the space easy on the eyes. Spruce up the blank walls with artworks so you don't mind the time spent in there as much. We tend to decorate common spaces where we entertain guests but we can also decorate private spaces for ourselves!

Patterned painting for laundry room | Source:

Wallpaper to the Rescue

Blue theme wall coverings | Source:

Lastly, yet just as importantly, wallpaper is a nice touch for a laundry room makeover. Use bright and colourful wallpapers and they will definitely bring a lively and welcoming atmosphere into the laundry space. You can have fun while choosing a suitable wallpaper, you might go basic but a thematic one will never cease to amaze. A bblue floral wallpaper with cute greenery, and striped rug help bring life into the laundry room pictured above.

Japanese look for the interior of industrial minimalist bedroom | Source:

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