7 Incredible Tiny Homes Around The World You’d Love To Live In


Good things come in small packages, right? Well, here are the perks of living in a tiny house: low maintenance, less environmental drawbacks, and perhaps most of all, more cozy as well as intimate. Having said that, you do need to think creatively and strategically to come to terms with any challenges that come with. So be prepared, the list below might trigger you to question your current home and would love to move in a smaller one.

Tiny Holiday Home, the Netherlands

Tiny Holiday Home | Source: i29.nl

The Tiny Holiday Home is the quintessential eco-friendly tiny house — it's made of sustainable materials, fitted with solar panels, and allows natural lights to come in from its large windows. Located near the Lakes of Vinkeveen in the Netherlands, the 55 sqm home and its wooden facade blends in with the surrounding natural environment.

Four separate concrete blocks that make up the layout function as the entrance space, general living area, kitchen and dining areas, as well as the bedroom. These "sculptural volumes" are connected in the middle by a courtyard. The house was designed by i29 Interior Architects and Chris Collaris to be as minimal as possible through oak woodwork, concrete floors, and white walls.

Love House, Japan

Love House | Source: hosakatakeshi.com

With a footprint of only 33 sqm and 3.3-metre frontage, Love House in Yokohama comes together as a single composition that is extremely narrow and appealing. Though it doesn't has even one single window on the walls, skylights and high ceilings provide ample natural lighting to this home.

What's more intriguing is the "breathing" courtyard that was created by a curved staircase tracing from the front door to the rear of the house. The space was described by the architect Takeshi Hosaka as ‘not indoor and not outdoor’ because it's walled, yet allows sun and rain in the tightly packed space.

Love House | Source: hosakatakeshi.com

The Diogene Cabin, German

The Diogene Cabin | Source: mmminimal.com

Having an interior footprint of just 7.5 sqm, the Diogene Cabin successfully proves that size doesn't really matter. It is enough space to live in for one person with features of a bed, chair, table, bathroom and kitchen. The exterior is constructed of wood and aluminum paneling, and interestingly, you could load it onto a truck and transport it wherever thanks to its tiny size. To diminish environmental issue, this house also supplies its own power using photovoltaic cells and solar modules, and allows adequate amount of skylight and natural ventilation.

Ecocapsule, Slovakia

Ecocapsule | Source: ecocapsule.sk

Who says futuristic design wouldn’t match with micro homes? Case in point is Ecocapsule. As its name suggests, it is an egg-shaped pod that relies on solar cells, rainwater collection, and water turbine to leave no ecological footprint. Ecocapsule’s body is covered with only 2.6 sqm and it is equipped by folding bed with mattress, furniture, AC and heating unit. As it’s a smart home, all pod functions is controlled through smart phone apps.

Casa de Monte, México

Casa de Monte | Source: designboom.com

Casa de Monte is a tiny vacation home in an idyllic setting. Situated on the wild landscape of Southeastern Mexico, the total area is about 42 sqm. Rough stucco painted using millennial pink makes the house stand out from the surrounding verdant greens. It sits atop a rocky terrain but design firm TACO taller de arquitectura contextual was able to orient the house to get as much sun as possible while allowing dominant winds to regulate a favourable temperature indoors.

Though Monte House is compact, it maximises the indoor space with the use of a mezzanine. In all, Casa de Monte makes an ideal living space especially for a minimalist couple looking to indulge in a natural surrounding.

Casa de Monte | Source: Leo Espinosa

Tiny House, USA

Tiny House | Source: homedsgn.com

Interior designer Jessica Helgerson proves that living in a tiny home is possible. Her residence, which has been reincarnated for the fourth time, actually sits in a 2.5-hectare property but with a covered area of only 50 sqm.

As sustainability is Jessica’s main concern, almost all materials in her small house are either recycled or upcycled: the wood walls are from an old barn that had been torn down, vintage Paul McCobb chairs and old stove in the kitchen, a reclaimed bathtub, and the list goes on.

Tiny House | Source: jhinteriordesign.com

Kimimoko Tiny House, New Zealand

Kimimoko Tiny House | Source: condonscott.nz

Set in a suburban street within Wanaka, New Zealand, and wonderfully tucked away within its stunning landscape, the Kimimoko Tiny House fosters reflection and contemplation. This 30 sqm home designed by Condon Scott Architects is fully packed with essential features without wasting any space. Not to mention, its simple gable form and black rain screen convey a simple living style, but with great spatial elegance.

Kimimoko Tiny House | Source: condonscott.nz

The award-winning one-bedroom home is fitted with structural insulated panels to help control the thermal conditions inside without using up too much extra energy. Sustainable and minimalist - that's the way to go, right?

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