10 Brilliant Mezzanine Designs and Uses (2020)


You might think that adding a mezzanine (a low, partial storey in between two others) to a residence would make the space feel small and cluttered, but that’s not always true. It’s quite the contrary, the use of mezzanine adds functionality to the limited space. On top of that, a mezzanine can be designed for any purpose, ranging from bed to garden. Below are 10 brilliant mezzanine designs around the world.

Mezzanine for Sitting Area

Mezzanine for sitting area | Source: houseandgarden.co.uk

When the lower space only fits guest and dining room, a mezzanine level can be added for family sitting area. Even though this formerly 300-year-old barn in Norfolk is short on space, family members can still enjoy intimate moments together, thanks to the high ceilings in this secluded home.

Open Plan Interior

Mezzanine is perfect for open plan interior | Source: freshpalace.com

Mezzanines' most suitable use is probably for homes with an open plan interior. This loft here is a prime example. Designed as a dwelling for up to two people, this loft embraces the openness to make the space feel much larger. The lower ground is for guests, dining, and cooking, while the mezzanine level is solely for resting.

Sleek En-suite

En-suite mezzanine | Source: houseandgarden.co.uk

Having a small space is not an excuse for not having an en-suite. This charming free-standing clawfoot bath is designer Ilse Crawford’s idea to use in this Stockholm’s Ett Hem hotel room. The panelling and rugs exude warmth in the space, while the timber flooring sends out a welcoming vibe for the guests. The mix of vintage and customized furniture give off a well-loved house feel too. All in all, the whole mezzanine interior here adds character to the overall Scandinavian design.

Recreational Mezzanine

Recreational mezzanine | Source: homedit.com

It is always fun to have an extra level in your home, especially when you can use it for recreational purposes. Draw inspirations from this Thailand home designed by Integrated Field, where a fishnet and thick glasses are installed as extension for the timber flooring. The glass makes the whole interior look spacious while the fishnet provides a great chill out area for reading a book or taking a nap. Just be mindful not to fall.

Mezzanine Office

Mezzanine office | Source: architecturaldigest.com

Natural light is a major consideration to take into account when designing an interior space. That also applies to mezzanines, particularly when it’s properly planned for before construction. This mezzanine here is used for a home office, away from other parts of the house for added privacy, and with large windows to let in as much light as possible. The result is a beautiful modern interior with bohemian decoration.

Floating Bed

Mezzanine as floating bed | Source: pinterest.com 

Another proof that mezzanine is the best solution for limited space is this floating bed design by Jo Rippon Architecture. The suspended bed is hanging from the ceiling, connected by maple staircases to the lower and upper level. Other option is the retractable loft beds, but some would say the floating bed system is the least inconvenient.

Mezzanine Library

Mezzanine library | Source: oceanhomemag.com

Mezzanine levels exist for many reasons, one of those is to add floor space out of an existing structure, ultimately maximizing the use of the available vertical space. For families with no spare room for a library, adding a mezzanine level to be used as a mini library would be a pleasant addition. Here, the mezzanine library is furnished with customized bookshelf that fits excellently with the room.

Mezzanine Terrace

Mezzanine terrace | Source: archdaily.com

This Andrew Franz Architect-designed loft in New York is a great exhibit of how the idea of mezzanine level is very versatile. Here, the mezzanine is designed as an outdoor terrace with a glass roof, offering partial protection while letting the sunlight through. This is an unusual use of mezzanine, but it really works for the limited loft. Notice that the mezzanine terrace is still connected to the living area below as if it’s still a part of it, which is really cool.

Bookshelf Mezzanine

One of the perks of living in a limited area is that you can always get creative in order to squeeze everything in the available space. Student dorms, for example, is very open to interior remodelling. In order to make the most of available space, bookshelves and staircase are fused into a single custom design to make access to the bed.

Barn Conversion Mezzanine

Barn conversion mezzanine | Source: themodernhouse.com

The mezzanine in this contemporary barn conversion mezzanine is made out of square-section solid oak elements. The mezzanine itself comprises of birch-faced plywood shelves/desk/fold-out bed unit that was designed solely for the countryside barn. The L-shaped unit allows the maximum usage for both resting and working. The half-landing of the staircases connecting the ground floor to the mezzanine is designed to double as cupboards, giving extra storage to the narrow barn.

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