Melandas Perpetual Inspiration

Melandas Perpetual Inspiration


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Piet Kalalo Sengkey

In a populated furniture market, Melandas Indonesia has become the destination for high quality branded furniture at good value for money, and superior customer service. Indonesia Design spoke with Herry Chandra, the founder of Melandas, about how his company has become an industry leader.

Cattelan Italia “TheStudio” by Alex Bayusaputro

With more than two decades of experience in the furniture industry, Herry Chandra and his family are the masterminds behind the Melandas concept store. They brought Melandas to the Indonesian market via the ‘boutique-concept’ in Jakarta. Through the presentation of exclusive international-designed furniture brands, the company has provided exciting samples what the world has to offer to the local market.

The company had humble beginnings. In 1995, Herry started a furniture business named Novena, located in Roxy, West Jakarta. “The strength of this company, we can be proud of, is starting from selling affordable general furnishings,”Herry explained.

Four years later, Herry brought Melandas, a franchise furniture brand from Singapore, to Indonesia. “From 1999 to 2019, we worked hard to make the Melandas brand known in Jakarta’s furniture circles, until 2019, when we finally established the Melandas Group,” he continued. “We weathered all the challenges from the bottom to gradually getting to the top within our 27 year journey. It was not an instant success.”

The Chandras: Claudia, Herry, and Diana

Currently, the company delivers various products and designer brands from Europe and the USA including Cattelan Italia, Arketipo, Eichholtz, Natuzzi Italia, Natuzzi Editions and La-Z Boy. Melandas also develops partnerships and creates a strong relationship with all of the brands they carry.

“Melandas’ goal is to become a company that brings the best quality branded furniture, is internationally well-known, and has value for money, so customers who buy it will feel very satisfied” Herry remarked. “The brands we choose are also truly the ultimate ones, such as La-Z-Boy, the most comfortable recliner whose name is used mostly by other brands of recliners. Like here in Indonesia, all bottled drinking water is called Aqua,” he smiled.

Customer satisfaction is a clear focus for Melandas. The company keeps delivering top collections and ensuring customers have many choices through various locations in Indonesia. In Jakarta, there are three main locations, from the flagship store in the West to the showroom Kemang in the South and to the four mono- brand stores in Plaza Indonesia. Furthermore, some of Melandas collections are available in most department stores in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan. The company also has a stand-alone showroom in Medan and will open one in Bandung soon.

Melandas Flagship Store, Slipi


Melandas flagship store in Slipi is easily seen from major throughfares with its Bauhaus-modern-style architecture. Upon entering the store, a sense of luxurious ambience predominates. This 3,000 sqm building consists of five storeys and was designed in collaboration with the brands’ principles and Indonesian famous designers. While different brands are presented in the same building, each level feels like a stand-alone store because each floor features one unique concept.

“In Indonesia, we were the first to develop a mono-brand concept store for furniture. Usually other stores carry several brands in one location,” Herry explains. The result is a haven for designers and furniture enthusiasts.

Cattelan Italia “Work-A-Holic Paradise” by Kezia Karin


Bridging international and Indonesian designers underpins the concept in Plaza Indonesia in Central Jakarta where four international brands are presented at Indonesia’s premium mall: Natuzzi Italia, Eichholtz, Cattelan Italia and Arketipo and La-Z-Boy.

Herry explains that Melandas has two objectives for this. “Plaza Indonesia is the number one high-end market mall in Indonesia, and that suits our principles for showcasing high-end brands’ furniture in the right place. And the most important aspect is we want to elevate Indonesian designers to be recognized in the international community,” he concluded.

Three of the showrooms were designed by Indonesian well-known interior designers. Agam Riadi for Eichholtz, Joke Roos for Cattelan Italia and Arketipo, and Prasetio Budhi for La-Z-Boy.


In 2025 Melandas will celebrate 30 years in business, and as the senior personnel retire, it is hoped the younger generation will achieve greater success allowing the company to compete nationally at a higher level. This is the founder’s vision.

Since 2020, Melandas has recruited and trained many next- generation minds to move forward and develop more businesses, such as improving e-commerce projects. Many changes have been made to prepare for the next generation. “I must have the courage to pass this company on. And I have planned it since the beginning,” Herry said, concluding our conversation.

This outlook to the future and the longstanding commitment to quality products and service will no doubt will ensure Melandas’ name lives on.

EkoPriharseno’s Versatile Entertainment Room by Cattelan Italia

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